Clean carbon sludge to remove black smoke emission in your diesel car

a diesel car

Diesel cars have indeed been banned in several European countries from entering a certain area. This is because diesel cars are considered to produce harm pollutant, especially NOx production which exceeds the permitted levels. Air pollution has become a concern of society because of long-term exposure to NOx can significantly increase the risk of respiratory problems. Although the diesel engine features have two components that were expected to reduce the pollution. Particle filter called DPF (diesel particular filter) and EGR (exhaust gas recirculating) which can filter out the exhaust gas such as carbon dioxide and NOx. But we often see diesel cars especially trucks or buses that emit really black smoke which it can also release an unpleasant odor that makes us difficult to breathe.

What is the black smoke?

Black smoke is composed of carbon from incomplete combustion of diesel fuel and traces of engine lubricant. The incomplete combustion happens because either overabundance of fuel being added or there is not enough oxygen being supplied. The exhaust gas of diesel engine usually contains carbon (soot), semi-volatile organic hydrocarbons, nitride oxide (NOx), and water vapor.  This excessive pollution is surely related to the particle filter that mentioned above, especially EGR which is closely related to the NOx production. EGR valve itself is engine part that has a function in reducing NOx gas exhaust. A valve is used to control the flow of gas, recirculating a portion of gas back to the combustion chamber. So, if there a reduced level of oxygen distributed the EGR valve systems did not function normally as it should. What is happening in EGR valves?

Carbon sludge in intake manifold area

Carbon sludge is the culprit

When the engine is turned on, the temperature in the combustion chamber increase. There is some oil evaporates that causing the buildup of carbon sludge dirt in the intake manifold area. This carbon sludge blocks the filtering and cleaning system of DPF and EGR. This accumulation can clog the air flow resulting incomplete combustion in the chamber which triggers not only black smoke but also these following problems:

  • Hard starting, difficult time starting or delayed start
  • Lack of power
  • More fuel consumption
  • Slower speed
  • Noise, distinct knocking in the engine
  • Low performance


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Three D Clean components

So, to reduce black smoke in the exhaust systems we need to clean carbon sludge in our engine. There are several ways to clean it, starting from the manual way (dissembling – assembling all the components engine) or using a product that called D Clean. Cleaning the engine by a manual method is requiring really high effort and much time needed. So, I recommend you try to install D Clean in your diesel car. With the help of expert mechanics, you can install D Clean components in your engine which automatically clean the engine from carbon sludge while driving. Also, it can prevent before carbon sludge builds up. Read this article if you interested in D Clean (