Ban old diesel car in major cities for clean air?

In year 2018, it’s been very hot year for diesel cars. Years ago, when we had the first passenger diesel cars, government in fact endorsed it and encourage people to purchase more diesel cars. But now they try to ban old diesel cars entering major cities like Seoul. This is not limited to us. In Europe, more voices about banning diesel cars in big cities. They we have to pose a question, why as a consumer suffer from manufacturers decision? Clean diesel technology is available and if car manufacturers really wanted, they would’ve developed a diesel car that can be clean at all times just like gasoline car.

In fact, we had huge incidents with BMW catching a fire in the summer. Everyday people were concerned about the fire issue when close to any BMW cars which was really outrageous. In turns out they used cheap EGR valve to reduce the cost of manufacturing. In combination with cumulative carbon sludge in the EGR and cheap material caused it to punch a hole in the EGR valve. This became a trigger of causing an engine fire.

This pretty one suffered from big incident in this summer.
This pretty one suffered from big incident in this summer.

It’s been several months, BMW did recall on EGR valve on old cars. But this is not an ultimate solution. A lot of drivers who got it replaced reported that they felt their car performance has been degraded since the replacement. This might be purely speculation but people are suspicious that BMW in fact did not resolve the problem but they decrease car’s performance therefore reduce burdens on EGR valve. Again this is purely a speculation but this proves at least how much BMW as a car manufacturer lost credibility from customers.

Personally I also drive BMW 420D which is a great car and fun to drive but I would reconsider purchasing BMW in my next car.

Clean diesel engine
Clean diesel engine ?

Now comes back to government topic, they really took really steps. They know that diesel technology is really a clean solution. The problem is most cars can’t keep its original condition as it is. Once you start driving diesel cars, due to the design of turbo diesel engine, carbon sludge begins to buildup in the intake manifold. If you don’t remove it in time, then it will turn into a big soot (chuck). This then causes all sorts of problem. A chuck of carbon sludge buildup can block airway to the engine which degrades engine’s performance. Then it will eventually emits more pollutants.

What if there is a solution to prevent this disaster to happen in the first place? Don’t they(government) have to enforce car manufacturer to come up with this solution as an obligation? Instead they took easy step. Simply ban old diesel cars to enter big cities. Just let poor people who live on their life on delivering goods daily with an old diesel trucks suffer. Who cares?


I hate to say this, but this is pretty lame solution. If car manufactures can’t find a solution, then at least government should try it. Doing aggressive R&D to prevent carbon sludge from building up.

We’ve decided to take care of this problem by ourselves because no one to our knowledge took the initiatives. Originally our intention was to improve car’s performance by removing carbon sludge at all times. But it’s now more than that. We need to help people who live on their daily life relying on darn diesel trucks. They don’t have the fund to replace it with new truck or drive gasoline truck at least in Korean market where we don’t have any gasoline based trucks.

D Clean is an adaptor. So you don’t have to modify your car. Simple one needs to install it in front of intake manifold, then it’s good to go. We will find a way to convince government to use this technology to save a lot of people who can’t enter city only because they purchased “diesel trucks” Neither government nor car manufacturers takes the blame or responsibility, it’s us to suffer. No big deal???

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