Which additives are the best to improve your diesel car’s performance?

All car owners definitely want their car to be in optimal condition. Not experiencing huge problems that can disrupt the performance of the car itself. Actually, there are many things that you can do as a car owner to keep the best performance of your car. You can make some tuning modifications or add chemicals additive that is popular among many people lately. These additives are compounds that can enhance the performance of the diesel engine by improving the quality of fuel or engine oil. There are several types of diesel car performance additives that are known today:

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  1. Diesel fuel additives

Diesel fuel additive itself is a chemical that naturally did not exist in the diesel fuel then added to the fuel tanks to improve the engine performance. Specifically, there are many types of diesel fuel additives depending on their functions and usage, here are the following examples:

  • Biocide/microbicide: to kill microorganism (including bacteria and fungi) in the fuel tanks and protects tanks from microbe-influenced corrosion
  • Injector cleaner: to cleans injectors and fuel pump from dirt, dust, or carbon deposit
  • Lubricity improver: to increase the natural lubricity properties in fuels
  • Cetane booster: to increase diesel fuel cetane quality to reduced ignition delay
  • Conductivity improver: to reduce the risk of static charge buildup
  • Corrosion inhibitors: to prevent corrosion potential in metallic component throughout the fuel storage.
  • Stabilizers: to improve the storage stability of fuel

But if we pay more attention to this issue, there still a debate among the car users whether the use of diesel fuel additives is necessary or not. Many people doubt the effectiveness of this chemicals. Let’s take a look at one example: injector cleaner. This cleaner additive usually contains polyetheramine (PEA) detergent to break the carbon deposit. But the PEA compounds itself will decompose at super high temperature so it cannot do its function properly then remain intact at the combustion chamber.

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  1. Engine oil additives

Similar to fuel additives, oil additives are also additions chemicals that not naturally found in engine oil. Engine oil has functions to lubricate the moving parts of your engine and protect metallic surfaces from corrosion. These additions are made to boost the lubricating power of the engine oil, reducing the friction, and improving the overall performance of the diesel engine. The use of oil additives also still in doubt, because the oil manufacturer now is getting better at developing their products. Some of the oil already containing viscosity index improvers to adjust the oil viscosity at a different temperature so there is no need to add oil viscosity modifier additives.


  1. Radiator/coolant additives

Radiator additives are used to enhance the ability of the coolants to keep engine’s temperature from overheating or freezing. An effective coolant additive helps more transfer heat to keep cylinder head cool and reduce the detonation and power loss. An interesting fact is, water is an amazing liquid. It has the ability to absorb more heat per unit than any other coolant additives and it has the capacity to transfer the heat to the radiator also more efficiently. So, the best coolant additives that you can run is only water.

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  1. D Clean

Although all three additives don’t need to be added to your engine, there is one additive that is very important for you to consider. It is called D Clean, an automatically cleaner liquid to clean the carbon sludge buildup in your engine. Carbon sludge is a soot accumulation in the intake manifold that can make your engine downgrade its performance. This accumulation can clog the fuel-air mixture flow resulting in incomplete combustion, which arises these problems: power loss, more fuel consumption, and hard starting. If you interested in D Clean additives, you can read more about it in this articles (https://roaringengine.com/2018/02/20/d-clean-user-testimonial-diesel-carbon-clean-service-24-7/)