Complete Anti-drone system – Drone Jammer

Drone technologies are getting more advanced. The latest drone from DJI started carrying Hasselblad camera which is definitely one of the premium quality cameras in the world. This allows you to take both video and still images from the high-quality camera from drones. When you fly a drone, you don’t necessarily have to watch it at all times, some drones can fly out of the preprogrammed route. In other words, once you program your drone’s route, it will fly automatically without your controlling it as long as it receives GPS signal.

Backpack type long range drone jammer - BA SOLUTIONS
Backpack type long-range drone jammer – BA SOLUTIONS

Of course, more advanced drone technologies will allow us to live a more convenient life. However, there is always a dark side of the world. Terrorists as an example can also benefit from these advanced drone technologies. That’s why there is a big demand in research and development of anti-drone technologies as well.

BA SOLUTIONS has been in the drone jammer industry for years. And we’ve done a lot of projects both government or public safety domain to assist clients to have design better drone defense system not just limited to drone jammers.

From portable drone jammer to a vehicle type drone jammer.
From portable drone jammer to a vehicle type drone jammer.

In the world of anti-drone technology, there are three key areas.

  1. Drone Detection
  2. Drone Jammer
  3. Drone Catcher (Posting Processing of jamming drones)

Normally, people are focused on the #2 item which is a drone jammer system. But when it comes to terrorist threats involved with drones, it usually comes with other components such as bombs or biological weapon. If you force drones to land via drone jammer(by the way this is extremely difficult in most cases as drones typically return to home when it drains its power as opposed to land its current position), then there might be risks involved with bomb goes off or biological weapon gets active.

This is why with a complete drone defense system, you must be prepared for #3 item: Drone catcher



Drone Catcher by BA SOLUTIONS
Drone Catcher by BA SOLUTIONS

From this point and forward, we will look into various aspects of the drone defense system, and how BA SOLUTIONS can enable you to be fully prepared for a drone-related threats from our next article. Stay with us.

In the meantime, please visit us our official website Drone Jammer Korea(use a link below). You will find various anti-drone products from us and of course, videos from our customers from all over the world.