Drone Dectection system (Anti-drone system)

We often get this question. Since you call yourself a complete anti-drone system drone jammer company, why don’t you develop your own drone detection system? This is indeed a very legitimate question. There are a number of reasons why we don’t develop it. Typically our customers who wanted to use our drone jammer already equipped with their own drone detection system. Secondly, we could’ve developed RF based drone detection system but it’s not enough. Due to the nature of RF, without having repeaters somewhere which is absurd in a war zone(consider the possibility of setting up a repeater in the enemy’s territory..), RF drone detection system won’t cover a long distance. This is why you also need radar-based drone detection systems.


Why can’t I have the radar detection system only as it supposedly covers a very long distance? Yes, this is true. But in big cities where there are many tall buildings, radar won’t be as effective as the open field. In other words, there should be blind spots with radar drone detection system in big cities. This is why RF based drone detection system plays the role of the guard at the same time.

So now what?

If you were able to have both radar and RF-based drone detection systems, the third component is how to set it up. You can’t just point it to wherever you feel suspicious, the whole point of having a detection system is based on the assumption that drones can be coming from anywhere. Of course, you could expand more to cover all directions, but these are very expensive gears even for government operations. So you always have to consider a cost-effective solution.


We didn’t develop our own drone detection systems, we offer our expertise as consulting services to our drone jammer customers. We’d had various experiences from all over the world. So if you don’t have your own drone detection expert, we could assist you.

There is one more important factor with drone detection systems.

Once you set up your drone detection system with maximum performance within your budget, what happens, when your system detects drone threats? Drones can be really fast. Even if you detect it from a very long distance, there might not be enough time for you to fetch drone jammers and point it to wherever unwanted drones are flying from.


Do you have enough time to prepare drone jammers and point it to the right direction when drone threats are detected?

What if you can’t point it in the right direction?

To avoid this situation, we come up with custom engineering services where we integrate our drone jammers with your drone detection systems. In other words, when unwanted drones are detected from a very long distance (even 1km away, the human eye can’t see it with precision), we can engineer a way to point drone jammers to the right direction, so you can just press a button to jam its signals.


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