From drone jammer to drone catcher system (anti-drone technology)

From our previous articles, we’ve reviewed drone detection systems. From radar to RF based drone detection systems in combination with good field experience, you should be able to detect unwanted drone threats. Once you have a good detection system in place, you need good drone jammers. There are multiple types of drone jammers.

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Depending on what types of drone threats you have to deal with, you might be ok with fixed installation type drone jammers while some must need portable drone jammers. We offer a complete suite of drone jammers, among other benefits when it comes to small form factor, our drone jammers might be the smallest in the world while its power lasts more than other competitors. Take “drone sniper” drone jammer as an example. This portable drone jammer which can be mounted on the standard rifle gun can jam more than 1 km or more distance. Due to its lightweight and small size, one can mount it on the rifle gun. This means in the combat zone, instead of two soldiers, one soldier can jam unwarned drones and shoot it down if necessary.

Normally, other portable drone jammers are backpack type and rather big, so one should hold it and point it toward unwanted drones while the other need to shoot it down if necessary.

Drone catcher drone with built-in drone jammer system
Drone catcher drone with built-in drone jammer system

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Unfortunately, not all drones can be shot down. What if unwanted drones are loaded with explosives, if you shoot it down when it’s near you, you end up helping enemy’s work! This is why there are multiple drone catchers (in other words drone catcher drones) available in the market. However, unlike science movie, chasing flying drones and catch it with nets is not so easy.

On top of this, there are more reasons why this isn’t easy. There is a good possibility that unwanted drones can fly faster than drone catcher drones if you start chasing it, it will fly even faster and achieve its goal.  Some drone catcher claims that they can track unwanted drones automatically once software can lock it on through the camera. But what if unwanted drones fly randomly and fly out of sight from your camera angle.

Or most importantly, if your enemy gets aware of the fact that you are chasing it with another drone, then it will trigger explosives or hazard gas right away. This all comes down to one fact that you must jam unwanted drones on sight before doing anything (chasing or catching either way.)


We are the only company offering drone catcher with built-in drone jammers. Why? Others can’t make it small enough to fit in the drone catcher drone. All the others present a nice product demo but it’s under a controlled environment. In a real world, you never know what variables you have to deal with when you launch a drone catcher drones. So we’d like to point out that the answer to catching an unwanted drone is by jamming it first.

For detail product specifications, you can find the info at this link. (Click below image)