Drone Catcher Drone – Ultimate solution for catching illegal drones

The development of anti-drone technology or sometimes it called by counter drone system is growing rapidly these days. Its usability is not limited to military service but also in general public society. If we are accustomed to hearing anti-drone technology used as surveillance platforms, base protection, or counter weapons in the battlefield, its utility in other fields is also getting familiar. In public society, anti-drone technology is also applicable for airspace protection at airports, security systems during large events, privacy concerns, and counter-smuggling operations at the prison. A survey shows that the usage of anti-drone technology has increased 10-fold in the past three years and is predicted that its market could be worth as much as $1.5 billion in five years.



Here are several types of drone counter systems:

  1. Drone detection systems: to detect the presence of unwanted drones. You can read this article to know more about drone detection systems (https://roaringengine.com/2018/12/14/discover-the-threat-of-drones-in-your-area-by-using-drone-detection-systems/)
  2. Drone jammers systems: to immobilize the unwanted drone. Here the complete article about drone jammer systems available on the market (https://roaringengine.com/2018/12/24/types-of-drone-jammers-systems/)
  3. Drone catcher drones: to immobilize the unwanted drone using another drone.

Drone jammers are used when an illegal drone is still flying, so the possibility of drone falling to the ground is high. The damage of the illegal drone is not just about losing the evidence but imagine if an illegal drone carries a bomb and when it falls, we help the enemy work. To avoid this situation, drone catcher drone must be able to capture flying illegal drones, this is the one and only ultimate solution for neutralizing illegal drones with hazardous materials.

Drone Catcher by BA SOLUTIONS

To catch a flying illegal drone, one company has an idea to catch it with a net. This type of drone catcher drone is designed with automatic targeting systems utilizing multiple onboard sensors, including tracking camera and laser rangefinder to lock the target before shooting a net. Another company has manual piloting tracking features, controlled by a ground-based human pilot or a combination of the two (manual and automatically tracking). After an illegal drone being caught, drone catcher drone will carry the captured target on a cable to the safe place. If the captured drone is too heavy to be carried, the cable can be released from the drone catcher letting the payload parachute to ensure a low impact on the ground.

Setting a drone catcher to keep following the target is an interesting idea, but that does not make an illegal drone stop moving. To catch a fast-moving drone is not as easy as thought, especially on a windy day, strong winds make the drones more difficult to catch.

If the problem is a drone that moves too fast, then we (from BA SOLUTIONS) came up with an idea of stopping the movement of the illegal drone by jamming its signal. The only company that combines a drone jamming system with drone catcher drone. Our drone catcher drone will jam the unwanted drone in a specific range, before then shooting a net with high precision. It is easier to catch a non-moving drone than a moving one. If you interested with our drone catcher drone, please visit our website www.jamkor.co.kr