Emerging drone problem to security of airport areas.

A few days ago while I was watching a TV Show, I saw a drone deliver blood samples to a team of doctors for developing a cure(vaccine) from remote places to a lab in a city. Of course, we all know drones wouldn’t be able to fly for long distance due to power issue(generally it can fly up to 25 minutes). But in the TV show, drones with solar panel(solar-powered drone) can fly for hours without man piloting it as long as a sender sets GPS location data for its landing place.

This may sound too far-fetched idea, but if you think about it carefully, this is a highly feasible idea in the next several years. (In fact, there are a lot of video clips about solar-powered drones. Maybe someone like Amazon might be on the verge of finishing up beta testing.)

Solar powered drone carrying blood samples, too futuristic?
Solar powered drone carrying blood samples, too futuristic?

In May 2018, TIME magazine decided to create TIME cover shot by a drone working with Intel’s Drone Light Show team. 958 drones were used to display TIME in red. Imagine the complexity of this. It’s difficult to maneuver two drones without colliding each other in a windy situation when they are adjacent. Not to mention 958 drones!

Check out this article for details.


This means, drone technology is getting more advanced day by day, so it can fly to anywhere via software which means more precision than man piloting it manually. Not only this, now a group of drones can work together with just one human pilot with the help of software algorithms.


Luckily anti-drone technology is enhanced at the similar rate of drone technology advancement. But even then, we still have big drone threat issues in or near the airport areas. In the airport areas, when drone threats are detected, all airplanes take-offs and landings need to be stopped immediately until the threat is resolved.

Then how to take care of illegal drones in airport areas?

First off, shooting it down is out of the discussion. No one knows what kind of threats illegal drones might pose in the airport, so the optimum solution is to scare it to fly outside the airport security perimeter or capture it in the air and take care of its threat in the safe zone.

Drone Catcher Drone from BA SOLUTIONS

This is why the drone catcher drone is developed. Capturing illegal drones up in the air is very important to nullify its threats (if there was a bomb or biological weapon loaded, force it to land or shoot it would cause a major disaster in the airport areas.)

However, general drone catcher drones have one big problem. It’s extremely hard for any drone catcher drones to catch fast flying drones. Secondly, if terrorists see drone catcher drone flying after it, then they would trigger bombs. This is why one needs to jam it before catching it.

BA SOLUTIONS is the only company with a compact yet powerful drone jammer. So we’ve decided to make our own drone catcher drone with built-in drone jammers. This portable drone jammer can jam illegal drones up to the 2km distance. So it’s powerful enough to take care of illegal drone in airport runways.

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