Trigger a bomb via radio signal – drone jammer, radio signal jammer

Days ago, I watched the movie “American Sniper”. Since most of us, we don’t get to experience war personally, we don’t really know what happens out there in an active war zone. I am sure this movie tells us a glimpse of the reality. But even then it was very shocking to me. A very young boy who should be a civilian carrying a bomb in the middle of the day. A sniper couldn’t be sure if killing this boy would take care of a bomb threat or would there be someone else triggering a bomb from a remote place?

If this is the glimpse of what is really happening in a war zone, bomb threats are more hazardous than I imagined. On top of this, terrorists started using a drone as a carrier of bombs. This is more critical as small drones are not easy to detect yet, it is really fast enough to send some object to a remote place.

From American Sniper Movie
From American Sniper Movie

There are a number of ways to deal with bomb threats through drones. First off, you need a drone detector system (both radar and RF-based system) once you can detect a drone, you must immobilize it. When you do this, you must cut off all signals such as remote control signal as well as a visual streaming signal(video feed). Otherwise, a drone pilot from a remote place will go off a bomb as soon as he(or she) sees someone tries to catch it.

In the event of this, a drone catcher needs to catch it and move it to a safe zone for disabling a bomb. Most importantly signals from drones should be cut off until it reaches a safe zone.

Drone Catcher Drone from BA SOLUTIONS
Drone Catcher Drone from BA SOLUTIONS

What if terrorists use a cellular signal? Typically drones use an RF signal for remote control with GPS signal for navigation. So if you use a drone jammer system for this type of drones(which is what general drones are made of), you can’t cut off cellular signal. So in war zones, you need multiple jammers for various purposes.

We offer custom drone jammer solutions. So not only we have general drone jammers we also have a custom tailored solutions such as cellular signal jammers.

RF bomb trigger

Often times, terrorists use a cellular signal for triggering a bomb but they also use RF signals for a bomb trigger purpose. VHF/CB/UHF are common radio frequencies that any terrorists can easily use. Provided that personal radio devices use 5-watt signal strength. Since it’s extremely difficult to cover all radio channels from VHF to UHF channels in high power(high signal strength), general radio signal jammers use low power for all radio frequencies. The problem with this scenario is if a person with a bomb trigger pushes its button near to its receiver, a signal strength of this radio would be much higher than jamming signal strength.


Example : a bomb trigger via VHF/5-watt handheld radio devices near to its receiver
Example : a bomb trigger via VHF/5-watt handheld radio devices near to its receiver

Therefore, it’s pointless to jam all frequencies. Instead, we scan all radio frequencies first and detect active signal band, then jam it with high power. (higher than a general handheld radio power such as 5-watt).

Since we scan x ms time slot, then jam for x ms duration (as an example), then scan again (in case of radio channel changes) for detecting a new channel, then jam it for x ms.

About the scan time and jamming time(duration) is our proprietary algorithm, it’s hard to explain details, but this algorithm is proven to be very effective.


When it comes to drone jammer as well as radio jammer, there is no such thing as one device can do it all! So depending on your target purposes, it’s important to use a custom tailored solution. Since BA SOLUTIONS has experienced engineering in this field, we provide consulting services to recommend you with the best solution.