Radio jammer to handle bomb threat carried by drones

I recently read news about Venezuela’s President assassination attempt using explosives carried by drones. The incident happened when President Nicolas Maduro was giving a speech at the military event in Caracas. Several peoples were injuries at the event while the President escaped without getting hurt. You can read the details of news here ( This attacked was quite surprising for me, considering there is someone who wants to kill a head of state with a small, commercially available drone. Unmanned aircraft vehicle looks like an interesting technology to the terrorists. It is practically used because it is an inexpensive way to attack the target without risking himself.


Before being able to defuse a bomb, know the location first by detecting the presence of drone then immobilize it. You can find the drone’s location using drone detection technology and immobilize its movement with drone jammer systems. When the drone’s connection is lost, the terrorist might realize about it then they can activate the bomb remotely. This is something we should prevent as much as possible because some terrorist can use radio signals to trigger a bomb from distance. It usually called by a radio-controlled improvised explosive device (RCIED). A signal from the transmitter (operated by the terrorist) can cause the receiver to trigger a firing pulse that operates the switch. An RCIED can be triggered by any number of different mechanisms such as car alarms, wireless doorbell, cell phones, and encrypted GMRS radio.


Then we need something that can block or interferes the communication between the transmitter (terrorist) and receiver (bomb), it called by Radio Jammer. It works by the transmission of the radio signal that disrupts wireless communications by decreasing the signal-to-noise ratio. There are two types of radio jammer in general:

  • DIY radio jammer

DIY radio jammer becomes so popular in the society because it is much cheaper than those made by the manufactory. It does not need much equipment also, you just need an oscillator, battery, circuit board, other simple materials, and the ability to assemble it. If you choose to make your own radio jammer, be careful when using it. It is not only practical in real life usage, but it is also illegal. DIY radio jammer does not have permission to be used freely and legally. Although basically jammer device is illegal in the United States or some other countries, companies that work specifically in the drone jammers field will have authorized permission.


  • Radio jammer by the manufacturer

If you are looking for a radio jammer that can immobilize drone and also prevent bomb activation, I recommend you use a portable IED Jammer (AEGEIS-E) drone jammer by BA Solutions. A portable jammer device that makes you operate safely in dismantling RCIED by utilizing exclusive dam raids technology.  It is designed so that easy to carry in rugged case or backpack case for any environment including military zone, government areas, and public places. AEGEIS-E also are very effective, with radio jammers covering the full spectrums (20-2500 MHz or up to 6 GHz) and back up battery for long time use. If you interesting with AEGEIS-E radio jammer please visit BA Solutions official website