Video games with 3D-Augmented Reality technology

For me, playing video games is the best entertainment. Whenever I feel bored from everyday routine, playing games is my choice to relieve stress. It is not only fun, it turns out that researchers also prove that playing video games has many benefits. When you play a video game you will always try to focus, store a lot of information in your mind, track multiple items at once, and make a decision in split second. The American Journal of Play (Autumn, 2014) says that playing video games can strengthen basic mental processes, such as perception, attention, memory, and decision making. If it is done within a normal time limit, playing video games is good for mental-emotional health.


As technology develops in every field, including in the video games. The game developers are competing to create games that are attractive and fun. Now we can ultimately enjoy playing video games by entering into the game and play in the virtual world with the character as closely as possible with the reality. This technology is called by Augmented Reality (AR), the technology that expands our physical world, adding layers of digital information into it. AR appears in direct view of our environment add with sounds, videos, and graphics effect. One of the AR games that I really like is Pokemon Go, the innovative games that utilize the AR technology with GPS based tracking. Its AR technology can read GPS in our smartphone then bring up certain objects in certain coordinates in real time. It makes the area around us mapped so we can find the hidden pokemon in roads, building, grass, park, etc.

Besides Pokemon Go, another interesting AR video games for me are The Machine. A deadly battle between robots is taking place in virtual field place on the table. By using your phone’s camera, any flat surface can transform become a war zone to battle with your friends. The appearance can be changed by directing your phone camera. When the device is brought close to the table, the display of the game is automatically enlarged, the audio volume also increases due to the spatial audio technology.

Playing AR-3D based video games is certainly different from the traditional 2D video games. If in 3D-AR video games we can feel objects close to real, in 2D video games they only have two sides Vector or Bitmap image with a simpler look. Some people like this simple type of games, with the technology used in a 2D video games called frame. It making picture one by one to generates the character moves (walking, jumping, running, etc). This is the example of 2D video games that some people still play with it: Pac-man, Space Invader, Mario Bros., and other simple games.

Augmented reality video games are not limited to entertainment domain, it’s used in war games (for a military training purpose.) Advanced war games even use real 3D objects from a real world such as a tank. Since these objects are quite huge, it’s hard to scan it with 3D scanner device. Instead, developers started using stitching photos to make a 3D model.

We will talk about this technology in a separate posting.