Old diesel cars banned in Europe? Here is the key to reducing air pollution

Again, there will be two more cities in Germany that ban old diesel vehicles from operating on the streets. There are Kln and Bonn cities which will be applied from April 2019. Previously applied at Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Paris, and 70 other cities in Europe. This prohibition begins when an environmental activist group called DUH make a move because many cities in Germany experiencing air pollution, especially the nitrogen oxide (NOx) that are exceeding the permitted levels. It is said that 40% of the total air pollutions are caused by vehicles emissions and the old diesel cars are the highest contributor there.

Mini Cooper Diesel
Mini Cooper Diesel

Air pollution over the past decade is indeed increasingly alarming, it can have a bad influence on our health such as respiratory disease, asthma, and other pulmonary-cardiac conditions. But banning old diesel cars is not the right solution. German as the first producer and inventor of the diesel cars should not do that. Because in fact, of the 15 million diesel cars on German roads only 2.7 million had Euro-6 technology in 2014. Prohibiting 82% of total diesel cars will certainly have a negative effect on the diesel car industry itself. One example, the sales of diesel cars fell 19.5% in the last year after the decision.


A diesel engine components

On the other hand, diesel cars are supposed to be environmentally friendly based on their design. It has air pollution control feature DPF (diesel particular filter) for filtering soot particle and EGR (exhaust gas recirculating) for reducing the emission of NOx. The diesel engine has internal combustion that differs from the gasoline engine, the air-fuel ratio is lower means with the same number of air molecules the required diesel molecules are lower than gasoline. It is more efficient and emits less carbon dioxide as the combustion residue. If you have an old diesel car that produces nitrogen oxide or carbon particle emission in high concentration, it’s time to improve and repair your engine. So, your old diesel car will have optimal performance and produce less pollution.

Typical diesel car intake manifold area
Carbon sludge in the intake manifold

By maintaining engine components properly, the air pollution emitted by diesel cars should be effectively reduced. Especially in the EGR valve part to optimize its performance in reducing NOx. There is one thing that can reduce the EGR valve’s function is carbon sludge in the intake manifold area, which can easily spread to other engine components including EGR valves. It can also clog the airway going to the combustion chamber, cause the engine to emit more carbon monoxide (CO). You can clean all the components of your diesel engine by manually dissembling its part, but it will take a lot of time and cost. So, we recommend you clean the carbon sludge before it is even formed by using D Clean. A product by BA SOLUTIONS can keep your old diesel engine clean automatically. If you are interested with D Clean product, you can read more about it in this link (https://roaringengine.com/2018/06/24/diesel-clean-brochure-automated-carbon-sludge-cleaning-system-in-the-intake-manifold-of-diesel-vehicle/)