On top of diesel gate (Volkswagen), diesel cars crisis all because of sludge buildup?

For those of who followed this blog might know that I once owned Volkswagen Golf for a while. It was a great car. Fuel efficient, light-weight (considering its size) and it comes with a great performance. In other words, if I need to enjoy fun driving, I could, however, I like including speed. But one year after I bought my golf, diesel gate incident happened.

I am sure everyone knows it, but in case you haven’t heard of it. Volkswagen diesel gate is about Volkswagen cheated on car emissions tests via software. “U.S. agency had found that Volkswagen had intentionally programmed turbocharged direction injection(TDI) diesel engines to active their emissions control only during lab testing to meet with U.S. standards, then when lab testing is over, it emits 40 times more Nox in real-world driving.” (according to Wikipedia summary. For details, please check out this link: Volkswagen emissions scandal: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volkswagen_emissions_scandal )

Volkswagen Golf - I lost a lot of value when sold it due to diesel gate.
Volkswagen Golf – I lost a lot of value when sold it due to diesel gate.

Unfortunately, this happened in Korea. So the Korean government banned Volkswagen Korea to sell automobiles for a year along with huge financial penalties for cheating. However, real users didn’t get compensated much. Only thing I got from this Volkswagen diesel gate is $1,000 worth maintenance coupon and substantial pricing depreciation when selling it as a used car. This was more than $1,000 coupon by the way and when I sold the car, I found that I couldn’t cash it nor transfer the coupon to a new owner. In other words, I got nothing. Therefore, I ended up losing a large value when selling it. I got very angry. Why I as an owner had to suffer from manufacturers fraud while they pay penalty to the Korean government not to individual owners to compensate for the real loss.

I also hear from someone who decided to stay with Volkswagen had to go through performance depreciation after fixing car emissions control software. None of this made any sense to me. Why Volkswagen golf (and other TDI diesel engine cars) which sells like a hot cake had to cheat on it, and why they didn’t try to recover their image back by compensating existing owners with a true apology? Well, I would never buy another Volkswagen cars in my life.


I posed a big question over and over “why?” I don’t know the answer yet but one thing is very clear. Automobile manufacturers didn’t try their best to make a real clean diesel engine. When they achieve more performance, they ended up having more bad gas emission.

More importantly, when bad emissions happen every time, the diesel engine starts having sludge buildup. Sludge buildup triggers more bad emissions. It’s like a full circle in a negative way.

Carbon sludge buildup problem happens with both diesel and gasoline cars with high performance but it happens more with a diesel engine due to turbo diesel engine design. If you have enough sludge buildup in the intake manifold area, you must clean it manually. Otherwise, it will degrade the car’s performance with more bad emissions.

Typical diesel car intake manifold area
Typical diesel car intake manifold area – sludge buildup

Recently we got official results from a lab about emissions tests from a car with D Clean installed for a few months. It turns out D Clean proved to be very effective in reducing (or minimizing) sludge buildup which makes it very clean car (close to 0% bad gas emissions).

I hope one day, diesel car manufacturers use D Clean or similar technology as a mandatory option, so we can truly have clean diesel cars.

D Clean user intake manifold look - almost no sludge buildup
D Clean user intake manifold look – almost no sludge buildup