Diesel car purchase decision. Considering these options.

Diesel crises

Some of the crises that have hit diesel cars lately made people reconsider when it comes to owning a diesel car. These crises happened in the near time, which made public trust in diesel cars have ruined. The first incident happened in the last 2015 when Volkswagen company cheat on emission testing in the US. They used some programmed to change their emission control only during the test to meet the US standards. Shortly after that, new regulation emerged in many cities in Europe that banned old diesel cars from operating on the streets. It happened for the same reason, diesel cars produce more pollutant (NOx) that other type of cars and give a huge contribution to the air pollution there. These incidents make peoples worrying when it comes to owning a diesel car as if it was too risky to buy it. Not only worrying about the environmental issue, but peoples also concerned about the selling price of diesel cars which are likely to drop dramatically. But is it true that diesel cars release more pollutant other than gasoline cars or other types of cars? Let’s look more deeply into the diesel car’s design itself.

Mini Cooper Diesel
Mini Cooper Diesel


The diesel engine has filter particle features called DPF (diesel particular filter) and EGR (exhaust gas recirculating). DPF is for filtering soot particle. EGR is for reducing NOx into harmless nitrogen gas and water. It can decrease the amount of NOx by recirculating the exhaust gas into the intake manifold. It controlled the opening between the intake and exhaust by decreasing the temperature in the chamber.  To optimize the EGR function in reducing NOx, we should keep the EGR valve and its surrounding component keep clean. Most diesel cars owner are not aware of the carbon buildup in the intake manifold which will easily spread to the neighboring EGR valve. When the valves blocked from something, it can disrupt the circulation of the reduction process. Therefore, to avoid produce more air pollutant, keep the engine clean from carbon sludge buildup. To clean your engine from carbon sludge, you can use a cleaning liquid from BA SOLUTIONS which called D Clean. This is an article about lab emission result from a car with D Clean installed. It can clean the carbon sludge effectively and the car emits almost 0% bad gas emission https://roaringengine.com/2019/01/08/aftermath-automobile-inspection-center-d-clean-installed/

Typical diesel car intake manifold area
Carbon sludge buildup in the intake manifold

Fuel Efficiency

If you travel far on a regular basis then owning a diesel car might be a better option. Its efficiency is more economical than gasoline. Why? Because the diesel engine has its air-fuel ratio is lower than gasoline. It means, with the same number of air molecules the required fuel is different, gasoline molecules are more needed. It also makes diesel car emit 20% less carbon dioxide as the combustion residue.

03 perfect state 4
An engine with D Clean installed


A new diesel car

The prohibition on diesel cars that happen in Europe cities is specifically on old diesel cars that do not meet Euro-6 emission standards. The good news is the new modern diesel cars that produce recently already fulfill the Euro-6 even trying to Euro-7 limits. So they are impressively clean, with many parts of the engine are upgraded.

If you’re considering a new diesel car, the above information might give you some insights.