Are you ready to drive an electric car?

When I first saw a Tesla S model car in the street, I was mesmerized by its quiet sound. Just like the future Sci-fi movie, there was no engine sound at all, instead, I heard a motor sound. Since then, I got very curious about what it would be like to drive a Tesla Model S. I didn’t have the chance to drive it yet, but I got a chance to ride with my friend’s Tesla Model S. I asked my friend if he could speed up as fast as he could in a safe place. At the instant of accelerating, the car speed jumped from 0 to 60 miles in no time without making any sound. (except silent motor sound.)

It felt really weird because normally you would hear big engine roaring sound if you hit the accelerator hard enough! It’s like driving an RC(remote control) toy car except I sat in it!


If you think about it, it’s like driving an iPad! More surprisingly there is no engine in the car. The car has a huge battery with motors and computers. Not only you can use a traditional trunk in the back but also you have an additional trunk in the front (normally engine room). This means you don’t need to change the engine oil regularly. On top of this, it’s an environmentally friendly car. Zero emissions. What a great idea!

Real car or game control
Real car or game control?

From these facts, an electric car seems like a great idea. But it’s too good to be true. In fact, there are a few disadvantages. First off, in most places, it’s not easy to find a charging station. Imagine you drive your electric car far away from your home but can’t find a charging station. This fact only makes you feel like owning another combustion engine car for a road trip. Secondly, no software is perfect. What if there is a serious bug in the code? If the bug is related to mission-critical features, your life is at stake.


Lastly, there is always a threat of hacking. Since it’s 100% software-based system, and it can be connected to a wireless network. This means someone might be able to penetrate a car’s control system(software). Maybe I am too much paranoid about modern technologies. But these are quite possible scenarios. In fact, there are movies about it where villains hacked an automobile control software to kill a target person.

100% mechanical Leica Film Camera
100% mechanical Leica Film Camera

There was a similar debate in the domain of film camera. Leica camera is known for its durability, mechanical precision, and excellent optical performance. 100% mechanical Leica M film camera could endure really cold temperature such as Antarctica in the winter.  Normally digital camera won’t work in this severely cold environment. Also, it doesn’t require a battery, as long as you have films, you are good to go anywhere.

When Leica first introduce electric camera Leica M7, Lecia fanatics got disappointed. They said how you can trust a control software whereas you can always rely on mechanical precision.

Since then Leica introduced a fully electric digital camera, of course, Leica M7 turned out to be also very reliable film camera of all time. I personally use Leica M7. And I like it a lot. Of course, I can trust it 100%.

First electric film camera from Leica - Leica M7
First electric film camera from Leica – Leica M7

At some point in time, you might need to trust new technology. But even so, I am not ready to drive an electric car yet. I can’t get forget roaring engine sound. When I commute, I start making a huge roaring sound which pumps my hearts for the day.