Which one is cleaner, electric car or combustion-engine car?

Emergency alert

Almost every day this week, I got an emergency alert from the Korean Government. It is said that only specific plate number (odd-even) that allowed to operate on the streets. Why? Because the concentration levels of air pollution in South Korea are at alarming at high levels. (allegedly fine particles with yellow dust are from China. Unfortunately this happens a lot in Spring when the wind is blowing from the west to east.)  Especially the tiny particulate matter (PM), called fine dust in my city almost reached 120 µg/m3 which should only be 50 µg/m3 according to the WHO. Fine dust can infiltrate to our respiratory systems, causing health problems such as lung cancer and heart disease. So, the Korean Government regulates the number of vehicles on the streets because the vehicle’s exhaust also gives a contribution to the fine dust levels.

Fine dust


Actually, there is one type of vehicles that do not contribute the fine dust or exhaust gas pollutant. It is an Electric Car. This electric car uses an electric motor powered by electricity storage in batteries or fuel cell. It has zero emission, cleaner than combustion engine cars such as gasoline or diesel fuel. The level of cleanness depends on the type of electric cars and the source of electricity. Just when it is charged with renewable energy like solar or wind, charging and operating an electric car can be said almost emission free. But, when the electricity that is produced from coal and gas, it is basically the same as producing CO2 as exhaust emission of the combustion engine. In other words, riding a fully electric car does not cause any air pollution, but the way the electricity is made for a charging an electric car should not be forgotten.


If you prefer a combustion engine as your daily transportation, there is a way to contribute clean environment. By maintaining engine components properly, the air pollution emitted by the combustion engine should be effectively reduced. You can clean all the components of your combustion engine by manually dissembling its part, but it will take a lot of time and cost.

But, there is a better way to clean the combustion engine by using D Clean. It can keep your engine clean automatically just by driving it. If you are interested with D Clean product, you can read more in this link (https://roaringengine.com/2018/06/24/diesel-clean-brochure-automated-carbon-sludge-cleaning-system-in-the-intake-manifold-of-diesel-vehicle/)