Spies are attracted to a performance car (Aston Martin V8)

I like car movies or more specifically movies with classic cars or performance cars. Usually, a spy movie presents one of those. The other day, I watched a show “Johnny English Strikes Again” It’s a spy movie but more like in a hilarious way. To my surprise, I saw a beautiful classic car. Red color, roaring engine sound, manual transmission, and a classic look. It made my heart beating fast.

The red car in the movie is Aston Martin V8. It’s a British muscle car manufactured from 1969 to 1989(according to Wikipedia). I got to know that it was all handbuilt. Rowan Atkinson(comedian and an English actor) drove it like a racing car by making gorgeous engine sound. And it turns out he bought the car personally months before he started acting for the movie.

Aston Martin V8 in the movie
Aston Martin V8 in the movie

There are several interesting scenes about cars. One specific scene caught my attention. In the scene, Rowan(main actor) tried to beat BMW i3s(driven by his opponent) with his muscle car Aston Martin V8. I am not sure if BMW i3s might really beat Aston Martin in a very sharp curve in a real life. But in the movie, it made the sharp turn so easily while Aston Martin with an excellent driving skill by Rowan took a lot of efforts to do it.

BMW electric car i3s - No engine sound but awesome performance
BMW electric car i3s – No engine sound but awesome performance
Effortless Sharp turn - BMW electric car
Effortless Sharp turn – BMW electric car i3s


I always thought an electric car couldn’t beat a real combustion engine car with enough horsepower, but this scene(although it’s in the movie) changed my concept.

The first fully electric car from Porsche
The first fully electric car from Porsche

The other day, I saw an article that Porsche will release its first electric sports car “Porsche Mission E” On top of this, Tesla Model S is a fast enough electric car which will beat a lot of performance cars in a combustion engine. Maybe, sooner or later the combustion engine will give its place to fully electric cars. But I still love to hear a roaring sound whenever I hit the accelerator pedal.

Speaking of performance cars, I love diesel cars. It has more torque power from low speed yet, gasoline cars have better engine sound when accelerating and maybe better performance at high speed.  With this reason, I sold my old diesel Mini Cooper and bought a new one with a gasoline engine. Often times, I go to winding roads just for fun. Open all windows and hit the gas. Then I hear the roaring sound!

Honestly, I am not sure, if I can give up on this fun in exchange for a fully electric car even if it’s from Porsche.

Mini Cooper S - Gasoline
Mini Cooper S – Gasoline

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