Differences between Diesel vs Gasoline Engine – the Strength of each Engine

There are always considerations when you want to choose to buy a new car. Which is better between the two – a diesel car or a gasoline car? The battle between the two is never-ending. Although basically diesel engine and gasoline engine are quite similar, they are both combustion engine. They are designed to convert the chemical energy in fuel into mechanical energy. The major differences are the way these combustions work.

In the gasoline engine, the fuel is mixed with air then compressed by pistons, after that it ignited by sparks from sparks plug. While in the diesel engine, the air is compressed first later on the fuel is injected. Compressed air heats up and ignites the fuel.


Even though both the diesel engine and gasoline engine have a similar way of working, a little basic difference will have an impact on its performance. Make a diesel engine and gasoline engine have their own uniqueness. Here are the strengths of each engine. You might want to choose based on your need.

  • The diesel engine has more torque

Diesel is a fuel that has a higher density than gasoline. So the ratio of compression produced by combustion of diesel fuel will be greater. When the compression is higher, the greater torque will be. The result is the diesel engine has better lifting power, so that’s why the diesel engine is suitable for vehicles that carry heavy loads like trucks and buses. If you need a high-power car, then a diesel car will match your needs.

  • The gasoline engine has higher horsepower

While gasoline fuel is lighter than diesel fuel, so gasoline burns faster. It will cause the engine RPM will be higher on a gasoline engine with the same amount of fuel. So, the horsepower of the gasoline engine will be greater than the diesel engine for the same engine capacity. If you need a fast car, then a gasoline car will match your needs.


Gasoline cars are well-known for their speed, for example, Bugatti Chiron; Ferrari F12tdf; or Caterham 620R. But nowadays the development of diesel technology is increasingly growing, high-speed diesel cars are also high demand in the market such as Porsche Panamera 4S Diesel; BMW 435d xDrive; Bentley Bentayga Diesel; Audi A8 4.2 TDI; Audi SQ7; and BMW 740d xDrive.

  • The diesel engine has better fuel efficiency

The air-fuel ratio of the diesel engine is lower than the gasoline engine, which means with the same number of air molecules the required fuel molecules are different. Gasoline molecules are more needed. So, the fuel efficiency of the diesel engine is better than a gasoline engine even with the same engine capacity. If you need a fuel economy to save your expenses, then a diesel car will match your needs.

  • The gasoline engine has faster acceleration

The diesel engine is more complex than gasoline engines, this is because diesel fuel is heavier and more complicated components are needed to burn diesel fuel. More engine parts result in heavier engine weight. The gasoline engine is simpler and lighter produce the RPM faster. In addition, the gasoline engine has a linear torque curve, so increasing speed also increases torque which results in higher acceleration.

Euro 6 compliant BMW 2018 model

In the end, choosing the type of car when you buy one depends on your needs. But if you choose to buy a diesel car, you can maintain your diesel car performance by installing a product by BA Solutions called D Clean that will clean your engine automatically. To get high performance of your diesel engine!

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