Gimbal makes drone technologies more advanced day by day.

What makes a drone popular in a commercial domain? I believe most of us could agree with my answer. I think “Gimbal technology” made drone appealing to general people. A gimbal is a pivoted support that allows the rotation of an object about a single axis, according to Wikipedia definition. In other words, with gimbal, we can take very clean photos or stable videos on a handheld. Without it, drones can’t be operated via a video screen in a remote place. You can’t simply operate it with shaky video footage.

Modern cameras also began to utilize this “gimbal” technology from drones. Now in most cameras, there is a built-in OIS(Optical Image Stabilization) feature which is basically similar to the gimbal.

Some people might say, drone technologies got advanced because of military purpose research and development. This is true. But even military researchers take commercial drones as a reference to develop even more advanced features.

When it comes to aerial images, a gimbal in the drone made it more useful like satellite images.


DJI, one of the leading drone companies in the world started offering a small footprint gimbal for professional video filmmakers. Traditionally, film gears use a very heavy tripod with long sliders. You can imagine how hard it is to take this gear to follow actors(or actresses). But thanks to a portable gimbal, now a filmmaker can mount a professional camera to a gimbal and move (even run) fast to shoot a video.

I personally bought a Ronin-S from DJI. I was really surprised to see a video output with a Ronin-S gimbal. Even if I move really swiftly, video footage was stable enough.

Ronin-S, a professional video gear
Ronin-S, a professional video gear for action movements

Check out Ronin-S introduction video from DJI

In order to balance a camera, a gimbal is typically very heavy and large in its size. But a gimbal from DJI is rather small but serve its purpose very well. Recently I bought another product from DJI. OSMO Pocket is a small video camera with a built-in tiny gimbal. To my surprise, it takes 4K resolution video with 60 fps(frame per second). In most cases, now I don’t even need to use Ronin-S to take a high-resolution video.


DJI designed OSMO Pocket to work with most smartphones. Then users can operate gimbal through a smartphone screen. This is exactly the same technology as the one in the drone. I saw a video clip of the latest DJI drone with a built-in Hasselblad camera. It takes ultra high-resolution video. The more impressive stuff is now you can crop the image out of the video and still get high-resolution photos. Maybe one day, we wouldn’t need a satellite to take aerial images.

Check out Osmon Pocket introduction video from DJI

I like DJI products. They somehow resemble apple in many ways. Simple design yet powerful features in a small footprint product. But I am a bit concerned about what they are capable of. What if? You know what I mean.

In this regard, I hope that someone can develop counter drone technologies as advanced as the latest drones. We hope that BA SOLUTIONS can offer you with a peace of mind from drone threats. If you are interested, please check out our drone jammers site for details.