When good drones become risks

The development of drone technology these days was increasingly amazing. Making drones with an affordable price made the item available to everyone. Besides for photography purposes, drones have various applications to help our needs in everyday life. Such as for delivery services, assisting farmers, and monitoring wildlife. Many benefits can be given from drones if we use it properly because technology itself does not inherently good or evil deeds. Someone says “Technology can give you cancer, and technology can cure your cancer. So, it is not about whether technology is good or bad; it is about what we decide to do with technology that matters.”


As drones get more accessible and affordable, more amateur pilots fly drones without any license or training. This causes problems and risks to our privacy. Here are some problems that can be caused by a drone in our daily life:

The risks in the sky

  • Airplane and helicopter encounters

Drones that fly freely almost anywhere could hit any object around it, including the manned airplane and helicopter. Like what happened in South Carolina last February. When a student was learning to fly a helicopter, a drone suddenly appeared in front of them. To avoid collisions with a drone, the student performs an evasive maneuver then caused the helicopter’s tail to hit the tree and the helicopter was lost control.

Also, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), a civil aviation regulator in the United States, has received more than 100 reports a month. Telling that they saw the drone flying near the plane’s running path. The important path where the plane takes off and lands. We know that taking off and landing are two important times in flight which might have a high chance of accidents.


  • Injuries and accidents of flying animals

Airplane and helicopters are not the only objects in the sky, there are other living things that should be protected: birds. Some birds are very territorial about their nesting area. When drones are flown too close to the bird’s nest, the birds might attack the drones. The bird that attacks drones could be injured by moving blades or other parts of the equipment. Also, the noise and presence of drones could drive the adult birds to go away. This can lead to an abandonment of eggs and chicks, that will be reducing the bird population.

The risks at home or office

  • Espionage

There is the latest type of drones that are equipped with high-resolution cameras (4k camera). 4K Video footage or image taken by a drone is very clear. Imagine when 4k camera drones fly freely near residential areas or office, it can collect any information. It can snap some pictures or video showing our door code whenever we enter the house. Or showing our whiteboard’s office that contains financial information or the company’s strategy that should be confidential.

  • Hacking

The drone also can get our information through hacking. It can hover above our home or office then broadcast a WiFi signal to get information from anyone using its networks.


With so many risks that can be produced by a drone, we need anti-drone technology to counter it. Try drone jammer by BA SOLUTIONS to immobilize the unwanted drones so above incidents will not happen. Check our official website to get more information about it (www.jamkor.co.kr)