A lifespan of BMW diesel engine car

The other day, a friend of mine complained about his BMW. I got surprised because he was always the one who says nothing but good stuff about BMW car. I asked him. “What happened? You always liked everything about your BMW”, he replied “I did. I still do. But for some reason, my BMW started giving me troubles.” This is what happened. About a month ago, he started hearing some noise when driving his BMW 520D. So he took it to a BMW service center. Luckily, they found the issue and fixed it. (by some parts replacement) Then a few days later, the noise came back. This time BMW center engineers couldn’t figure out what the problem was.


This noise issue has nothing to do with a car safety or performance. It bothered my friend so much. So he began to think that he might need to purchase a new one. He told me “I drove mine for 7 years, I wanted to keep it for 10 years at least before purchasing a new one because it gave me the fun and pleasure of driving and I had no troubles until now.”

I asked him. “Have you ever cleaned your intake manifold area to get rid of carbon sludge?”. He answered. “What is carbon sludge?”

Carbon Sludge – Dark waste

I gave him a long lecture about how carbon sludge might do harm to a diesel engine(as well as a gasoline engine) therefore it’s necessary to clean it manually in every few years or more frequently if possible. I showed him photos of the carbon sludge buildup clogging intake manifold area. My friend got shocked by the photos I showed him. He clearly understood the importance of cleaning the intake manifold.

Carbon Sludge buildup in the intake manifold
Carbon Sludge buildup in the intake manifold

I forgot about this conversation but when I met my friend a few weeks later, he brought the subject up again. He went to the intake manifold cleaning service plan. Then his noise problem went away. Clearly, this noise was caused by carbon sludge buildup in the intake manifold. Not only he got away from the noise issue, he felt as if he bought a new car as the car performance got much better and smoother.

The only problem he had with the intake manifold cleaning service is that it takes so much time. He literally had to take a day off from work. (My friend told me every weekend was fully booked, so he had to pick a day during weekdays.) This is exactly why I knew the benefits of intake manifold cleaning but I didn’t do it with my Mini Cooper diesel. I couldn’t make more than half a day for my car! Instead, I sold it and bought a gasoline one recently.

My old Mini Cooper Diesel
My old Mini Cooper Diesel

For future reference, I don’t have to wait for the intake cleaning time. As long as I install D Clean, it cleans the intake manifold area while driving. Check out the photo below. It’s intake manifold area from the BMW 520D over ten years old. Owner installed D Clean about a few months before this photo was taken. He didn’t have to clean the intake manifold area manually.


Maybe I have to break this news to my friend. The lifespan of the BMW diesel engine car will be greatly extended if you can deal with carbon sludge buildup issue for good.