Which one stays longer? Diesel car or gasoline car?

Sometimes faced with the decision to choose the type of car to buy is quite difficult. The question which one is better whether diesel car or gasoline car seems never ends. Although both of engines certainly have advantages and disadvantages (you can read more about the strength of engine in my previous article https://roaringengine.com/2019/03/15/differences-between-diesel-vs-gasoline-engine-the-strength-of-each-engine/).

However, there is one thing which you can consider for choosing between the two engines: The engine’s lifetime. A car is not just an ordinary object. It has a meaningful value that has accompanied us creating the moment in our lives, so we want to keep it good as long as possible.

Euro 6 compliant BMW 2018 model

I have found out from several references, it comes that the diesel engine has a longer lifetime than the gasoline engine. Why? First, diesel fuel is a light fuel that can also act as a lubricant, thus preventing the engine from wearing out. It is because the engine component eventually will wear out due to the friction caused by the engine part rubbing together. While gasoline fuel act otherwise, it can ashes away oil from the engine components.

Second, the diesel engine operates at a lower speed (RPM) than gasoline. It means the engine components such as piston rings, bearings, valves, or cylinder walls do not rub together as often as in the gasoline engine. With the basic maintenance and part replacement regularly, a diesel engine can easily manage 500.000 km while gasoline engine gets only 300.000 km before it starts to wear out.

However, diesel cars are likely more expensive to purchase than gasoline cars. But you can think it as an investment that can be returned when you sell the car because diesel car holds resale value much better than gasoline cars.

Carbon Sludge – Dark waste

To keep our diesel car stay longer with us, good and regular maintenance is needed. Such as change oil lubricant periodically, monitor the coolant, and clean the intake manifold from carbon sludge. Carbon sludge is soot accumulations from oil that accidentally burns due to the hot air circulation. This accumulation can cause bad effects upon diesel cars such as dirty smoke emissions, high fuel consumption, power loss, and after all it can make the car’s lifetime become short. To clean the carbon sludge, you can do it manually by disassembling its part, or automatically clean it when driving by installing a product called D Clean by BA SOLUTIONS. By installing D Clean in your engine, you can make your diesel car to stay longer with you!

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