Innovative supercavitating bullets

I hate to break your reality affected by movies, but “No” regular bullets can’t penetrate water. As soon as regular bullets hit the water surface, it will drop dead(lose its power completely). So in the Jason Bourne (spy action movie) movie, he jumped in the water and FBI agents shot him through underwater, then bullets penetrate water just like the air by leaving beautiful(?) trajectory. This is a big fat lie.

Movie Scene
Movie Scene

Then is there any lethal underwater bullet? Yes, there is. It’s called supercativating ammunition bullets. In other words, it’s called underwater bullets. Then how does this work? Is it something like a bullet has its own propellers, so it can travel underwater? Just like a torpedo with submarines? If that were the case, you need a special shooting device that meets the new underwater bullet.

The quick answer is “no”. This is impractical. If you have to use a new gun for the new underwater bullets, It’s crippled from its design.

Supercavitating bullets(Underwater bullets)
Supercavitating bullets(Underwater bullets)

Supercativating bullets from Duretek, bullets can be used with regular guns(compatible with most weapons), therefore you don’t need a special device to shoot underwater bullets. Supercavitating bullets will create bubbles around the bullet, therefore it won’t lose its power or speed while traveling underwater.

There are multiple scenarios with supercavitating bullets can be utilized. First off, underwater bullets can be used in an underwater fight. However, it can be also used in air-to-underwater or underwater-to-air situations.

An air-to-underwater situation would be shooting from a helicopter into the water. An underwater-to-air situation would be shooting from submarine to a flying object such as a helicopter. Both situations can’t be dealt with conventional bullets(regular bullets)


There are few companies offer supercativating bullets in the world. Unless you come up with innovative design in developing new ammunition, it’s difficult to develop an underwater bullet. Even those who claim they have a perfect supercativating bullet might be exaggerating. From our testing, understand bullets from “X” company won’t work well in the air. Therefore, underwater-to-air or air-to-underwater situations won’t work with their ammunition.

Check out the video below. We(Duretek) created truly innovative supercativating bullets. This will be new lethal ammunition both for water and air in the game.