Introducing GP Bullet: A multifunction supercavitation ammunition to complete your strategy

Imagine you are in this kind of situation: You are an officer who is obliged to secure the sea border area using a helicopter. Then you find a suspicious object under the sea. After being investigated it turned out that it was a ship with hard layers protectors containing a bomb. What can you do? If you shot with an ordinary bullet, the lethal properties will disappear due to decreasing speed when it touches the water. If you shot with an underwater bullet, it cannot fly properly in the open air. And more doubtfully, it cannot penetrate the hard layer protector. Only bullet with armor piercing properties that can do deeper penetration and destroy the bomb inside.

The good news is GP bullet from Duretek Co., Ltd, can do all the three!

As a company that has been engaged in the ammunition field, Duretek Co., Ltd, proudly introduce you true multi-environment ammunition (MEA) called GP bullet. This GP bullet will work best for both open air and an underwater situation with very high destructive power.

  • As Underwater Bullet

As we already know, an ordinary bullet has a limitation when it is used in the water. Their strength will be reduced due to the frictional force of water that much higher than air, the bullet speed will slowly over time. Duretek team has carefully designed the GP bullet to work best in the water based on the supercavitation effect. It is an effect that produces bubble gas to trapped around the bullet. It will cover the whole bullet making it easier when passing through water. So, GP bullet can reach the underwater target with the same power and precision.


  • True Multi-environment Ammunition

The most underwater bullet can only work best in water condition; their strength decreases when it used in the open air. Unlike other underwater bullets, GP bullet has the same strong performance in both environments. It is because GP bullet used a high- density material in the front and low-density material in the rear. That will decrease yaw angle, resulting GP bullet can reduce aerodynamic drag and air resistance. It makes better stability in flight, follow the straight movement, and increase the speed of the bullet.

  • As Armor Piercing Bullet

Armor Piercing (AP) bullet is a type of bullet that used to penetrate targets even it protected by hard layers such as armor, the bulletproof vest, vehicle protectors, or even tank. It can cut through hard materials. GP bullet designed allowed air guiding grooves that significantly reduce vortex formed in the tail, so it does not shatter during penetration to gives all its energy concentrated at the tip. It has greatly strengthened the body with a specially hardened and shaped nose to achieve deeper penetration.


Only GP bullet that has three functions in one. Also, the various type has available from 5.56 mm, 7.62 mm, 9 mm and 12.7 mm in size. It can be applied to various warheads. If you are interested with GP bullet, please contact