[GP Bullets] Supercavitating bullets or armor piercing bullets?

While weaponry gets more advanced, there is growing demand about multi-functioning ammunition(MEA). Duretek out of South Korea has researched MEA domain for years and finally, they announced GP bullet last year. GP bullet is designed to serve as both supercavitating bullets(in other words underwater bullets) and armor-piercing bullets. Typically armor piercing bullets can’t penetrate underwater, this is indeed revolutionary.  This enables operations like shooting from air-to-water (from a helicopter) to a submarine or underwater mines possible.


Supercavitating bullets – Underwater bullets

A general bullet(ammo) can’t penetrate water. Or even if it can penetrate water, it will lose its power therefore no longer lethal. Another problem is it will pose its trajectory which means it won’t hit the target.

A general underwater bullet can’t travel through the air. It typically wobbles. Again it won’t hit the target. With this reason, in real combat situations, if units start shooting underwater bullets toward the water from the air (from a helicopter), you must shoot a lot of bullets near the target object since air-to-water path, underwater bullets will wobble therefore miss its target. However, this movement helps underwater bullet travel long distance withholding its power by creating bubbles around it.

Another disadvantage is that if you need to shoot targets in the open air, you need a different set of bullets for the purpose(in this case regular bullets).


Revolutionary design, GP bullet can be both supercavitating bullets(underwater bullets) and armor-piercing bullets, one doesn’t need a different set of bullets for this kind of combat situation.

Not to mention, as an underwater bullet, GP bullet won’t wobble in the open air. It can travel just like a regular bullet in the open air. In fact, due to its exceptional power, it travels even further than a regular bullet.


Armor-Piercing Bullets

Armor Piercing bullet (AP bullet in short) is a type of bullet that used to penetrate targets with protections such as hard layers of armor, a bulletproof vest, vehicle protectors, concrete, or a tank surface.

A disadvantage of using an armor-piercing bullet, you need special equipment (gun) such as heavy machine guns or anti-material rifle. But with GP bullet, you can use regular guns to have the armor-piercing equivalent lethal power.

Our gun shooting test results indicated that it’s more powerful than our competitors in the world for its ammunition size. Now you can imagine a number of unique use-cases where they weren’t simply possible before due to MEA type bullets limitations.

GP Bullet tests
GP Bullet tests

Should you choose between supercavitating bullets and armor-piercing bullets, remember there is a solution for both with a single bullet.

For detail introduction of GP bullet, please check out below video clip.