New Supercavitating Ammo for Underwater Defence

Have you ever been curious about the navy soldier’s job? They also have a big role in maintaining security. They protect the marine community like the fisherman, sailors, and submarines who spend a lot of time at sea. They prevent these unwanted activities happen there: ship hijacking, illegal fishing, the war between sea, and enemy threats.

Therefore, they need an effective weapon. A gun and its ammunition (ammo for short) surely can help their work, but regular ammo is ineffective to use underwater. A Norwegian scientist, A. Wahl was conducted ammo fired underwater experiment. It turns out that ammo fired into the water only able to come out a few centimeters then fall to the bottom. It is because the water friction has resisted the movement of the ammo before doing any damage. Make it lose its lethal ability. Water has much resistance than air, hinders it from traveling fast and far.



So, the navy soldier needs special ammo. It is called underwater ammo. This shape of underwater ammo is different from the regular ammo. It has specially designed to counteract the great friction of the water via supercavitation effect. It can cause a bubbling gas to be wrapped around it which has less drag to prevent the metal have direct contact with the water. A reference says that the underwater ammo can effective against the target as much as 15 meters which standard ammo just pass a few centimeters before falling to the ground. This underwater ammo is designed to deliver lethality at much farther distances underwater. For navy soldier and special operation teams, this type of ammo could be handy.

Duretek Co., Ltd, has developed promising supercavitation ammo named GP bullet. Unlike the most underwater ammo, GP bullet can work best in underwater and even open air with the same power and precision. GP bullet can also act as armor piercing (AP) ammo. An ammo type that can penetrate targets even it protected by hard layers such as armor, the bulletproof vest, vehicle protectors, or tank. GP bullet designed allowed air guiding grooves that significantly reduce vortex formed in the tail, so it does not shatter during penetration to gives all its energy concentrated at the tip. It has greatly strengthened the body with a specially hardened and shaped nose to achieve deeper penetration.

GP bullets have various type from 5.56 mm, 7.62 mm, 9 mm and 12.7 mm size are available. It can be applied to various warheads and did not need to require a special gun to use it. They are compatible with a regular gun. Any gun can shoot underwater with GP bullet. With GP bullet, the navy soldier can work on their job effectively and efficiently. So they can maintain our territorial well.  You can read more about GP bullets here