The myth of supercavitating bullets

According to Wikipedia definition, supercavitating ammunition is the one that functions better underwater than regular ammunition. The Multi-Environment Ammunition (MEA) is anticipated to be useful for certain operations including underwater situations. So it is the belief that with supercavitating bullets especially the one that is specifically designed as MEA will serve both air and underwater.

Well, this myth was broken when we were told from special military operations units that MEA won’t work for both (air and underwater). We were told that it works when it’s fired underwater but when you fire it from the air-to-underwater, it hardly hits the target. In the meantime, the price of MEA bullets is very expensive. So these folks have been on the lookout for alternative solutions.

Durektek Supercavitating Bullets
Durektek Supercavitating Bullets

This is where Duretek decided to develop true MEA from scratch. Years of testings, Duretek came up with a unique design where ammunition can work for both air and underwater effectively. A by-product of this research, Duretek discovered that this special bullet (which is called GP bullet) can also function as Armor-Piercing bullet.

For detail introduction and the science behind GP bullets, please watch this video clip.

At this point, you would wonder what are the differences between traditional supercavitating ammunition and GP bullet. In order to understand the differences, I should define what “supercavitation” means.

Again according to Wikipedia, “supercavitation is the use of cavitation effects to create a bubble of gas or vapor large enough to encompass an object traveling through a liquid, greatly reducing the skin friction drag on the object and enabling high speeds.” In other words, with this technology, an underwater bullet will create bubbles around it so it will fly through liquid without having to slow down its speed due to water resistance.

While supercavitation effects are useful in underwater, but it interferes when bullets travel through the air. It will make the bullet wobble as opposed to traveling in a straight line. This is why traditional MEA bullets couldn’t hit targets when it’s fired from the air.

GP bullet, true MEA supercavitating bullets, overcame this by additional special design. (Please refer to physics behind this in the video clip in the above paragraph.)

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Please refer to the recently tested video below.

Air-Water-Air super-cavitation bullet(5.56mm) test 2020 April 29