Why use Torpedo when you have true supercavitating bullets?

In the underwater world, a torpedo is a truly invincible weapon. But if you have to use a weapon for both air and underwater, a torpedo is a bad choice. I came across an interesting question in Quora lately. Quora is a kind of SNS platform where you can ask a question, then random people will answer your question. Sometimes, you get a great answer from expert other times, you get speculations.

Here goes the question.

Would it be possible to use a gun with supercavitating bullets to destroy an inbound torpedo?

 There were various answers, but mostly the answer was “no”.

GP Bullet - Supercavitating Ammunition
GP Bullet – Supercavitating Ammunition

I would say “no” too. But with Duretek GP bullet, a true Multi-environment ammunition bullet(also known as supercativating bullets) can perform this mission as long as the torpedo is close to the surface of the water.  With a regular gun, this isn’t possible. As soon as a regular bullet hits the surface of the water, it loses it’s possible due to drag from the water.

There are other MEA bullets available in the market, but contrary to its advertisement, it wobbles through the air. This is because it’s designed to work underwater, it creates bubbles around bullet’s surface. Thanks to this feature, it works against its purpose in the air.

Please refer to below articles more about this.

As you might have a better understanding, GP bullet is designed to work both air and underwater. And its additional design to work in the air, it gains more power than a regular bullet. Therefore, GP bullet can penetrate thick armor. (In other words, GP bullet is not only underwater bullet but also armor piercing bullet).

Left: Supercavitating bullet (Underwater) Right: Armor-Piercing Bullet
Left: Supercavitating bullet (Underwater) Right: Armor-Piercing Bullet

Check out GP bullets(supercavitating ammunition) at the video clip below.

What are the best underwater weapons?

In case of deep water like the ocean, it is no question that you need a dedicated weapon like a torpedo, but in shallow water where soldiers can walk, a torpedo is out of the question. Long ago, Russian divers have automatic rifles firing unique supercavitating ammunition. But in this case, they must equip with special rifles that can only fire underwater bullets. This won’t work for situations like shallow water (walking).

In our testings and extensive researches, we weren’t able to answer this question in the past. But now we can. The unique capability, combination of powerful armor-piercing feature and its ability to travel straight through water (and air-to-water or vice versa), GP bullet is a perfect fit for the best underwater weapons(ammo). On top of this, you could use a regular gun to fire GP bullets.

This allows navy vessels as well as land forces near water to be ready for any types of operations. More importantly, the price of GP bullet is highly competitive. However important it is, the defense budget is not limitless!

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