Could diesel buses be cleaner than CNG buses?

When talking about environmental problems, buses exhaust is likely to be accused of being the biggest contributor to air pollutant. Although the buses which represent only 4% of the total vehicles, research says it emits almost 57% of the total vehicular emission amount. So, it is very important to keep the buses operating around us to stay clean. To reduce this problem, Korean Government wants the bus that operating in the Korean street is 100% CNG buses. Why it should be CNG buses? Because they believe that CNG buses can emit less pollution than diesel-fuel buses.



CNG itself is compressing natural gas (mainly contain of methane or biomethane) to less than 1% of its original volume. CNG bus is a bus that drives on CNG as the main fuel. Here are the key advantages of the CNG fuel:

  1. Natural gas is significantly less expensive than diesel fuel;
  2. CNG is eco-friendlier than diesel fuel. It produces fewer harmful emission;
  3. CNG is abundant in the country that has natural gas resources;
  4. CNG has higher octane levels.

To achieve this goal, some drivers choose to change their diesel engine rather than buy a new CNG engine bus. Even there is a company offering diesel to natural gas engine conversion service, to convert diesel engine buses or trucks into CNG. Usually, it can be done with CNG conversion kit, a set of components that are installed in the bus so it can operate using CNG fuel. It comes with parts such as a regulator, low-compression NG pistons, high-temperature resistant valves, various sensors, etc.


Audi A6 intake manifold cleaning

However, replacing all the engine components means more cost needed. It is better to add just one installation in buses engine to achieve less gas emission. Luckily, such a thing exist! They should try to install D Clean. An automatic cleaner liquid that will clean carbon sludge from the intake manifold area while the buses driving. Carbon sludge can make the air hardly enter the combustion chamber, it causes more CO production and reduces the performance of DPF (diesel particulate filter) as emission control. Also, converting diesel-to-CNG means completely change the whole engine so it only operates when using CNG fuel. While CNG charging station itself still limited in some area. Maybe they have a list of stations on their everyday route, but beyond that, it is uncertainty.

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With D clean, buses emission will be cleaner all the time!