Looking for a lethal underwater bullet

There were a lot of experiments about if a bullet can hold lethal power in underwater. Some scientist even performed an experiment where he stood a few feet away from a gun in underwater and shot himself. This obnoxious experiment would have not taken place if a regular bullet holds lethal power in underwater. Quite the contrary, a regular bullet fired underwater moves like a slow motion effect. On top of that, it drops immediately. In other words, a regular bullet is useless in underwater.

Supercavitating ammunition (GP bullet)
Supercavitating ammunition (GP bullet) (a.k.a underwater bullet)

What is an underwater bullet anyway? Underwater bullets use supercavitating technology. It creates bubbles around the ammunition. Therefore, it won’t lose its lethal power. If you look up “supercavitating bullet” or “underwater bullet”, there are a number of choices available. However, before moving forward with one of them, it’s important to think about what your purposes are with underwater bullets.

In most cases, underwater bullets are required in a shallow water combat scenario. This means it is rare that bullets will be fired underwater only. Typically, one would fire a bullet from air-to-water or water-to-air.

GP bullet(by Duretek) armor-piercing tests
GP bullet(by Duretek) armor-piercing tests

What if you could have armor-piercing lethal power with underwater bullets?

This may sound too far fetched. But it is possible with underwater ammunition not with a torpedo. When you measure lethal power, there are a few components associated with it. First off, a bullet should travel for long distance. Secondly, it should hold destructive power. Unlike air, even if supercavitating effects create bubbles for a bullet to have a pathway, it still has a water drag. (negative acceleration)

GP bullet used a special design to minimize this drag and maximize its lethal power underwater thus travel for a longer distance than its competitors. GP bullet comes in two formats. One with underwater bullet and the other is an armor-piercing bullet. But even with underwater bullet format, it can penetrate very thick armor. So yes, you can have both armor-piercing lethal power and underwater bullet capability with one bullet.

Check out details at the video clip below.

Precision matters.

Generally, an underwater bullet is very expensive. So you don’t want to waste ammo. However, supercavitating effects come with disadvantages. It’s perfect in underwater by creating bubbles but that effect is a disadvantage in the air where a bullet might wobble. This minimizes target precision to a great extent.


This is again no problem with GP bullet. Its unique design allows underwater bullet function as an armor-piercing bullet in the air. GP bullet takes precision seriously.

Too good to be true? There is only one way to find out. Please give us a shout if you need to try it for yourself. Contact us at “sungjin@duretek.com

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