A true supercavitating ammo for both land and underwater combat

After reading an article about one experiment on water resistance, there was one conclusion sentence that stuck in my head: standards ammo won’t work underwater. The scientist did research because He was curious about how dense the water molecules in liquid form compared with gas form (air). The result was water density is so dense, 800 times higher than air density. Therefore it can inhibit the ammo movements. Ammo that came out from the firearm was only able to move a few meters before falling to the ground. Then I become curious, how did the Navy Soldier or divers do their job if a deadly weapon as firearms and ammo cannot be used in underwater? What is the strategy to reduce the high levels of water density? The answer is we need special design weapon which is different from the one used on land. Either underwater firearm or underwater ammo.



An underwater firearm has specially designed to reduce water density by using massive rounds inside a large cylindrical magazine. It will allow the ammo kept stabilized while traveling underwater. The effective range of underwater firearm varies depending on the types and usually, its lethal ability also decreases as depth increases. This firearm is really useful and effective for shooting underwater, but it cannot be used on land. It means the Navy Soldier must bring two types of weapon whenever they wanted to be productive on land and underwater.



The next option is to use underwater ammo. It also special-designed ammo to reduce water density using supercavitation effect, it will create bubbles around the ammo. Make it easier when passing through water. The advantage of this ammo is that it can be used in various types of firearm. Without the need for a special firearm. Underwater ammo can work best underwater, but -from our testing- most of them have limitations when used on land. It won’t work well in the air. Whenever you want to shoot the targets from out of the water like attacks from helicopter and vice versa, you can’t use this type of ammo. It is useless.


Finally, from our company (Duretek) has created true supercavitation ammo which is effective to use on land and underwater. It’s called GP Bullet. Unlike any other underwater ammo, GP bullet has the same strong performance in both situations: land and underwater. It is because GP bullet used a high-density material in the front and low-density material in the rear, resulting GP bullet can reduce the water drag and air resistance. GP bullet also very practical because it can apply to the various warhead and do not need to require a special firearm to use it. Are you interested in GP bullet? Please contact sungjin@duretek.com