The easiest way to clean carbon sludge from your diesel engine

To make the diesel car performance always excellent, you need to keep it clean all the time. Applies for both outer appearance and the engine inside. The car’s overall performance will be great if inside the engine is clean. (In other words, carbon sludge free) And it will feel like a new car. The true enemy in destroying our engine car cleanliness is carbon sludge. As its name, carbon sludge is an accumulation of oil steam (in form of carbon deposit) at a certain area of the engine. In the intake manifold area, carbon sludge can block the air that should be going to the combustion chamber. It will cause many bad effects. The engine performance will go down with the following details: more fuel consumption, produce more harmful pollutants, engine become slow to starts, and reduce the car lifetime.

Carbon Sludge – Dark waste

To avoid the above things, you need to clean the engine parts from carbon sludge. As always the case with most of us, we tend to look for the easiest and most practical ways. Let’s forget the way to clean carbon sludge by manually disassemble its parts because it consumes a lot of time and energy. Here are the easy ways to clean the carbon sludge without removing its part:

  • Engine flush liquid cleaner

Using a liquid cleaner that added to the oil tank, it is expected to clean the carbon sludge from piston rings and oil galleries. After poured, warm up the engine for about 5-10 minutes without driving it. Then the cleaner will solvate with carbon sludge and draw it back into the oil. So the old oil mix with the carbon sludge and must be replaced with the new oil.

  • Sprayed-type cleaner

This product can clean the engine components from carbon sludge by spraying the cleaner into the engine parts. Almost all the outside part of the engine can be cleaned with this cleaner. Including the turbocharger, throttle body, air intake manifold, EGR valve, and piston heads. Spray the product manually until the carbon sludge peeled off, then clean the remaining product.

  • Machine flush service

This way is similar to the engine flush, different in strength. At first, connect the oil filter with the machine, then it will flush the heated detergent solutions. Runs for about one hour then evacuating the solutions through a special adaptor.

  • Fuel treatment

It is similar to the diesel fuel additive, in terms of adding it to the fuel tank. It can clean the carbon sludge at the bottom of the fuel tank. The additive with break up the sludge into smaller particles then passes through filters and nozzles.

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With the above methods, we can easily remove the carbon sludge from certain parts. However, this method must be done routinely and there are still efforts to make it. Luckily, there is one more way that is easier than the methods above. By using D Clean you can clean the carbon sludge automatically. Just by driving it! D Clean consists of 3 components: cleaning liquid with its storage tank, adapter, and control systems. This control system will run automatically to discharge the cleaning liquid when our diesel car is driving. Also, D Clean can prevent carbon sludge before formed.

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