A Special kind of Underwater bullet


Recently, I’ve watched the National Geographic YouTube channel, it’s about people living in Hawaii trying to live self-sustainable life. According to the show, native people lived in Hawaii used to live everything off of the land without having to rely on the food import from the mainland. However, most people in Hawaii rely on imported food which will last 10 days or so if catastrophic events cut off the supply.

There is a growing demand for self-sustainable life in Hawaii. They now started growing vegetables and catching fish using spearfishing or hunting wild boar that destroys natural habitats.

For those who might be interested more, check out the video below.

Suddenly spearfishing caught my attention. Since a regular bullet can’t travel in underwater, I wondered if speargun has a special kind that works underwater like a bullet. According to my research, I couldn’t find any special type speargun that’s specifically designed for spearfishing in underwater. But one thing is for sure. Spearfishing works within a very short distance from its target. It loses its moving power very quickly due to water resistant.


Even if you have stronger elastic power, it doesn’t mean much in terms of distance.

Unlike spearfishing guns, when it comes to bullets, you can use specifically designed underwater bullets. Underwater bullets are also known as supercavitating bullets can travel long distance while holding its lethal power.

In the old days, underwater bullets can only be used in underwater contrary to suppliers’ advertisement. GP bullet by Duretek made one more step. With GP bullet you can literally use bullets for both air and underwater.


Should you be curious about the logic behind it, please check out this video.

Since Duretek’s underwater bullets can perform as armor-piercing bullets, you can use GP bullet to destroy naval mines. Typically naval mines will be installed closer to the water surface. From a helicopter, you can discover naval mine-field yet it used to be very challenging to hit it from a helicopter with conventional underwater bullets. If mines are floating, it would’ve been easy but they are located underwater literally. In this case, bullets should not only hold its lethal power as armor-piercing in underwater but also it should travel through the air like the regular bullets. Unfortunately, traditional underwater bullets wobble through the air.

Both air-to-underwater and underwater-to-air operations, you can now do with a single bullet, which is GP bullet.

GP underwater bullet
GP underwater bullet

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