Neutralize tourists target terrors via vehicle radio jammers

A lot of photographers take Thai monk photos if they ever visited Thailand. According to Wikipedia, 94.6 percent of the population in Thailand believes in Buddhism. Maybe due to this, people take it for granted that monks go out in the street and ask for food every morning. Or more preciously people are willingly providing food to monks every morning. And they surely believe that this is an honorable thing to do. This makes quite a scene, so street photographers or even tourists take photos of this long line of monks receiving food from villagers.

The scene is pretty peaceful and beautiful. Yet, there is one problem. In the old days, before the 9/11 terror incident, terrorists did something bad at dangerous places but after 9/11 it appears that they started targeting tourist attraction places where a lot of civilians will be hurt if a bomb goes off.

Thai monks (from Wikipedia)
Thai monks (from Wikipedia)

Since Buddhist monks receiving food line is really long and it takes a while. If terrorists hide bombs in the crowd, it would be difficult to prevent it from going off. This is why local authority decided to apply a bomb jammer technology.

A bomb jammer does jam radio signals. Typically a bomb trigger uses a radio frequency or occasionally they use the cellular network. Therefore, it is usually called “radio-controlled improvised explosive device (RCIED).  A signal from the transmitter(by terrorists) can cause the receiver to trigger a firing pulse that operates the switch.

Depending on radio frequency, the distance between a transmitter and a receiver may vary. But usually, it can be really long.  So RCIED should equip with more power to scan and neutralize threats for all possible frequencies. There are backpack type RCIED jammer available. But it’s very heavy and if operation time gets longer, it needs a power source eventually.

Vehicle type radio jammer system
Vehicle type radio jammer system


However, vehicle type RCIED jammer can last a lot longer than a portable backpack type jammer. However, there is one disadvantage to this powerful equipment. It’s really noisy due to the cooling operation by a fan.  This is a problem because the noise will expose your location which might sabotage the mission by alerting opponents in this case terrorists.

BA SOLUTIONS resolved this flaw. We invented a new cooling system which doesn’t produce any sound while the cooling feature is more powerful than conventional fan-type method. No heat, no sound jammers.


On top of this, depending on a client’s need, radio jammers can be drone jammers as well. Imagine the possibility of terrorists sending a bomb via a drone. They could even trigger a bomb in the air through radio controlled devices.

Vehicle type drone jammer
Vehicle type drone jammer system

Portable jammers can only do so much. Scenarios I described in the above are only dealt with a more powerful system such as AEGIS vehicle type jammers.

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