The bomb jammers to overcome RCIEDs threat

Last weekend, I re-watched my favorite anime series. Detective Conan. I saw one of the Tokyo police disposal team there was killed while trying to defuse the bomb. The perpetrator kept an eye on the bomb he had installed. Whenever a police officer approached the bomb, he activated it from distance. At that scene, the police officer cannot defuse the bomb because he wants to see the code that appears 3 seconds before the bomb exploded. A code that shows where the larger bomb location hiding, he sacrificed himself to save Tokyo. Despite the interesting storyline, I became curious. How to defuse the bomb in a safe way? Is there another way to deactivate the bomb other than by dismantling it? The police officer in the movie was failed to defuse the bomb because 3 seconds is not enough time to disassemble and search the right cable to cut it off.



Before finding an answer to stop a remote-activated bomb, we must first understand how the bomb works. The bomb that can be activated remotely is called by IED (improvised explosive device). An explosive that added more components inside it so the explosion can be more directed and deadly. There are many ways to trigger the explosive, one of them is from a radio network. Called RCIED. Radio-controlled IED. The receiver of this device is connected to an electrical firing circuit and the transmitter can be operated from distance. A signal from the transmitter can trigger the firing pulse to activate the switch. A good network is needed to activate the RCIED bomb. When we can disturb the radio signal, the RCIED work process will be failed. So, the bomb will not explode.


Well, we need jammer technology to disturb the radio signal. The anti-IED jammer technology was emerged in two types of forms: vehicle mounting and backpack model. The function of both forms is the same, to disrupting the radio frequency in the target area. The differences just in the coverage jammer, vehicle mounting can reach a wider area because it supports with large power supply. While the jammer backpack is more flexible, it is ideal for use by infantry units.

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The good news is, BA SOLUTIONS has both. Backpack jamming (AEGIS-B) and vehicle jamming (AEGIS-V). AEGIS-B has very lightweight compared with competitors backpack jamming. Just 15kg included battery, antenna, and backpack straps. It has been designed for easy traveling and comfortable carrying on the shoulders. While AEGIS-V is the world’s first new cooling system applied, so there is no overheating inside the vehicle.

With the presence AEGIS series, the threat of a radio frequency triggered bomb can be stopped.

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