What happens when your BMW warranty service expires

I like my BMW. Period. There was one incident where I was about to change my mind. But my loyalty was stronger than I thought. My love for BMW started from Mini Cooper. I do like the classic Mini Cooper. But I liked it even better when BMW purchased Mini and made several changes mostly about comfy settings.

Unlike Mercedes, BMW makes you feel like you’re making something happen. (To be clear, this is my personal experience.) Therefore, every step of the way in your driving experience such as making turns, speeding up or even abrupt stop, everything is so much fun. And most importantly, it’s always behaving within your expectation. In other words, you know when to stop test car’s limit.

Literally “Fun” driving – Mini Cooper S

Since last year BMW caught on fire while driving in South Korea, I got one concern. That is, “carbon waste”. BMW headquarters investigators concluded that the cause of the fire turned out to be the EGR valve’s fault where it had accumulated carbon sludge (carbon waste) and it triggered fire when chunks of soot got hot enough.

They claimed that they will take care of this issue by changing the old EGR valve into the new one, which they did. Also, they assured customers that they will replace burned one (if it happens) with a brand new car regardless of the warranty period. Even then, I clearly don’t want my car catching fire while driving.


On top of this, the EGR valve is part of the problem not an ultimate(?) problem according to various experts. Replacing the old EGR valve into a new one will save some time. But fire might happen again eventually. The main culprit is carbon waste in the engine. (More specifically carbon sludge in the intake manifold and it’s spreading larger area.) I was hoping that BMW headquarters will remedy the problem with a real solution but apparently, they didn’t think it was necessary.

More details about this incident, Check out this article.

Luckily I got a solution to this. D Clean from BA SOLUTIONS will prevent carbon wastes from building in the intake manifold in the first place. This means, there will be no concern about carbon sludge in the EGR valve.

D Clean to take care of carbon sludge
D Clean to take care of carbon sludge

BMW offers a great warranty service. When you purchase a new BMW, for a few years, you don’t have to spend a dime on changing oil, brake pads and the like(major replacement parts). It will be all taken care of by BMW. But What happens when it expires. Unfortunately, you need to pay extra more dollars to get the right service from BMW service centers. Of course, there are alternate automobile mechanics but you need to do some research or trials to find a right (qualified) service place for you.

If you purchase used BMW cars, the best way to secure your car is to take care of carbon sludge. Therefore, the first step is to clean the intake manifold to make sure everything is clean. Then you must do this regularly. This is as much important as changing replacements(like oil) in time.

The cleaning intake manifold is a real pain in the a@@. So I recommend you to check out D Clean once your BMW warranty service expires or purchase a used car with no warranty left.