Make your SUV diesel car as the perfect vehicle for a summer camping trip

The cold weather has passed, even the beautiful flowers began to fall everywhere. A sign that summer has come. I love this season; the heat always makes me sweat but the green leaves in summer refresh my eyes. There are a lot of things we can do to enjoy the summer, but camping is the best way. Since living in Korea, I love camping. Because mountains and national parks are everywhere here, we can set up a tent in the nearest park to relaxing and enjoying the natural environment. But sometimes I want to escape from the routine in my city, so I invite my family to spend a summer weekend in another city. Just to have different experiences and insights. Instead of carrying heavy tents and other equipment in public transport such as bus or train, I prefer to bring my own car. It will certainly make the camping trip easier.

Oil change a little before its limit help a lot.
A check before starting the trip

From many types of vehicles, SUV-type car is very suitable for use on a trip like this. It has a large luggage capacity and can accommodate a lot of passengers. Its engine also powerful, strong enough to surpass all terrain both off-road and on-road. SUV is designed to have a high ground clearance, a sturdy but soft suspension, tough and elegant exterior looks. Also, SUV car can be used as tent support. By installing a tent right behind the car, there will be many benefits that can be obtained. First, we do need to go back and forth to deliver the items to a tent. Second, we can avoid the hassle from unloading and reloading the items. Third, if we have some forgotten items, we just need to step a little without leaving the tent then it will keep we save all night.


Carbon Sludge – Dark waste

To achieve it all, our SUV car should be in perfect condition. Of course, we do not want our SUV car to be constrained during the camping trip, especially in the middle of the mountain that is far from the repair shop. To keep the SUV diesel car’s performance excellent, I recommend using D Clean in your SUV diesel car. To prevent the formation of carbon sludge in a diesel engine. Because carbon sludge is a major factor in downgrading the engine’s performance.

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D Clean components

By using D Clean, it can make your SUV diesel car as the perfect vehicle for your summer camping needs. You don’t need to worry about making your trailer messy(from exhausts due to carbon wastes). On top of all, your SUV car will be an ecologically friendly car. After all, camping is all about enjoying nature while preserving it at its best condition. At last, whether you plan on setting up a tent, towing a trailer, or simply sleeping in your car, D Clean will make your SUV have an amazing performance without any trouble in the trip.