Get to know more about Underwater Bullet (Pros and Cons)

On YouTube, we can find videos about anything-unlimited. From daily activity vlogs (that is too mainstream) to extraordinary videos that can blow your mind. One of the interesting YouTube videos that I watched recently is from The Slow Mo Guys YouTube channel because they have unusual content. As the name implies, they record a phenomenon with the high-quality camera then post it in the slow movement. Seeing their videos have really amazed me. One of their videos that are pretty much seen is “Underwater Bullet at 27,000 fps”.

They shot a gun underwater and slowing it down until 1000 times slower than real life. Shoot underwater, even without oxygen, you can still fire the bullet. Because these days bullet contains its own oxidizer location in the cartridge. When the trigger is pulled, the firing will hit the primer, ignites the propellant, and it is fired. So, there is no problem to shoot underwater as long as the bullet stay dry in its place. The problems will come out after being shot.

If you pay close attention in the video, the path of the bullet is deflected. It tends to make a curved shape rather than a straight line. It means there is something that prevents the bullet from making the straight line, so its speed decreases. It turns out that water density blocked the bullet from moving fast. If that happens continuously, the bullet will fall to the bottom of the pool. When the bullet lost its lethal ability, it’s no longer a deadly weapon.


So how to keep the bullets as deadly as if they fired in the open air? Then the bullet must be specifically designed so the water friction can be reduced. A special-designed bullet that can work underwater is called by Underwater bullet. By supercavitating effects, it can create bubbles around the bullet. Make it easier when passing through the water.

Here are the pros of an underwater bullet:

  • It can achieve high speed when underwater
  • It does not need a special type of gun, any type of gun can be used.
  • A small bullet is easier to carry so it more practical than an underwater firearm

However, there are cons of an underwater bullet. Due to its special design for penetrating water particles, an underwater bullet cannot be used properly in the open air. It’s the precision level decreases. We once tried to shoot an underwater bullet in the open air but it missed the target.

While underwater bullet usages are not only limited to just water conditions. Oftentimes the soldier (or anyone who used the underwater bullet) need to shoot from the air to underwater or vice versa from underwater to the open air.


Let me introduce you an underwater bullet that also can be used in the open air. It called GP bullet from Duretek, Co. Ltd. Besides being able to be used in the open air, with the advanced technology they used GP bullet also can act as armor piercing bullet. You can see the details design of GP bullet that is different from an ordinary underwater bullet in the following video.

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