High-performance drone jammer with an innovative cooling system

Drone technologies are getting more advanced day by day. In a recent video that I’ve watched from “TED”, I saw a stunning drone show. Dozens of drones are flying in the dark seminar room, they didn’t collide each other instead, they are dancing like real fireflies. It’s practically impossible for someone to pilot multiple small drones in such a dark place with lots of audiences.

Even a small drone can do so much.
Even a small drone can do so much.

So it must be pre-programmed flights. It was indeed beautiful. But at second thoughts, it looked very scary. What if someone has access to this technology and use it in a negative way? If someone uses extreme measures, dozens of fireflies might turn into small bombs with enough destructive power if they go off altogether.

Check out the video clip below before further reading.

Drone jammers are very useful. And drone jammer technologies are getting advanced as well. But unfortunately, drone jammers are not enough to protect civilians(or soldiers in combat situations). Consider this scenario. Multiple drones are flying over a lot of civilians. You can jam the drone control signal via drone jammers. But if they carry bombs that are controlled remotely via RF signal, it can still go off even though you’ve immobilized drones.

This is why we need RF signal jammer in combination with drone jammers in most cases.

Bomb goes off over remote RF signal.

When it comes to RF signal jammers, the system is getting more complicated. Since we don’t know what RF bandwidth enemies or terrorists will use if we’re going to fully eliminate threats, RF signal jammer needs to be very powerful. If the system covers more bandwidth, it requires more power. So typically you need a vehicle type signal jammer system. (as opposed to backpack type portable jammers)


More RF power means more electrical power to drive it.

RF signal jammer for full RF bandwidth typically uses high power. This creates extensive heat for the overall system. Any electrical system with high heat won’t survive much longer. So full system requires a high-performance cooling system. This becomes an issue for vehicle type signal jammer systems.

A few signal jammer providers came up with a solution but it comes with a price, in the form of noise. The noisy cooling system has a critical flaw. In a combat situation, you will expose your location to the enemies with the noise. Secondly, fan-based (which produces loud noises) system doesn’t perform well under hot weather such as in the middle east.

So BA SOLUTIONS created an innovative cooling system with water.

Check out the video below for its performance.

AEGIS-V RCIED Jammer uses this state of the art cooling system where it doesn’t make any sound. On top of this, its cooling performance is by far better than its competitors regardless of the temperature of its surroundings.

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