An advanced Drone Catcher: jamming before throwing a net

As its name indicates, a drone catcher is a drone created to catch other drones. But why do the other drones need to be caught? Thanks to technological advancements, drones are like a cheap toy that almost everyone has. Without considering and knowing its usage and limits. Some people thoughtless fly their drones near the airport, without recognizing it can endanger the airplane when landing or taking off.

An object as small as a drone can induce a catastrophic accident. With a high-quality camera attached in drones also, people can easily record the government or company activities to steal data that are supposed to be confidential. Not to mention the terrorists who like to use drones to carry their bombs to the targeted city. Therefore, we must keep our area from the drone’s threat. Now you can use Drone Catcher to catch unwanted drones.

Drone catcher drone with built-in drone jammer system
Drone catcher drone with built-in drone jammer system

The drone catcher work by following wherever the unwanted drone is flying. Then catch it with a net and take it to a safe place. It is a good idea to catch a drone by using a net, so it can reduce the possibility of the drones falling to the ground. The damage of targeted drones can be reduced then it can be saved as an evidence tool. Also, prevent the targeted drones from falling is an important thing because we don’t know that might be the drones contains bomb which falling will accelerate the bombs to explode.

However, capturing other drones with a net is not as easy as imagined. There are many factors that influence success catching. The speed of the targeted drones, wind speed(and strength), and lost connection from the drone catcher sensor are things that need to be considered. Not to mention if the targeted drone moves faster than the drone catcher, certainly the capturing will become increasingly difficult.

To overcome this problem, I’d like to introduce an advanced drone catcher from BA SOLUTIONS that integrates a jamming system on it. Jamming systems are commonly called as signal blocker, it can block and interfere the communication between the drones and its controller. With jamming systems installed, the targeted drones can easily immobilize by disconnecting it with its controller. Then the targeted drones will stop moves. This step will greatly help the capture process with a net. Catching a stop drone is certainly easier than catching a drone that is still free to move.

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