Underwater weapon: Torpedoes and Underwater Bullet

Talking about the underwater weapon is indeed unique, it turns out that not all weapons can work well in the water. The effectiveness in water situations can differ greatly from those on the surface. Who would have thought that clear water could hinder the movement of the weapons (especially those who pushed at the beginning of their movements, such as rifles)? This is because of the large friction force of water, 800 times denser than air. So, there is a special weapon that is deliberately created to reduce water friction.


The famous deadliest underwater weapon is a torpedo. Torpedoes are the biggest threat to the naval soldiers. A big warship could be smashed into pieces due to the hundreds of kilograms explosive that could be carried by just one torpedo. Water friction is not a problem for torpedoes because it has its own energy source to keep it moving.  Equipped with a device that can control the depth and target direction, torpedo became an important element in the underwater war. Torpedoes can be divided into several types based on its energy source (battery-powered electric motors or fuel-powered engine), the method to control during underwater travel (active or passive-acoustic), and type of launching craft (submarine, warship, helicopter, or airplane).


GP underwater bullets come in various sizes.
GP underwater bullets come in various sizes.

In addition to torpedoes, another weapon that can work best in water is “Underwater Bullet”. Unlike the standards bullet, an underwater bullet has “supercavitating” principles to reduce the effect of water friction on their movements. The advantages of this design only are valid in the water situation. When underwater bullets are used outside the water, its stability will be greatly reduced. The bullet released from the rifle will wobble then it cannot reach the target perfectly. Contrary with the torpedoes that can be launched from a helicopter, to shoot target underwater or vice versa. An underwater bullet cannot be used in such conditions.

After going through long and intense research, finally, Duretek Company has launched an underwater bullet that can work best in both conditions (underwater and air). Named GP Bullet. It is because GP bullet has such designed using high-density material in the front and low-density material in the rear. That will decrease yaw angle, making GP bullet can reduce the aerodynamic drag and air resistance. Causing GP Bullet has better stability in flight, follow the straight movement, and increase the speed of the bullet. GP bullet is like a mini torpedo, which can be fired from helicopters to hit the target in water or fired from submarines to hit the target in the air.

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