Free your spirit with driving and capture a decisive moment.

Some people consider automobiles as simply a means of transportation. It’s not for me. I consider my car a means of freeing myself from daily routines. As soon as I take the wheel, I feel excited. I trust my car will take me to wherever I want. Even when I am driving to work, I start the engine, put on some audiobook or music, then I get immersed in the moment of “now”.  In this way, I can fully enjoy my experience as opposed to complaining about the traffic jam or any concerns I might have for work.


Contrary to most people, I love to be caught in a traffic jam in the city. Bizarre? Maybe but it’s a perfect opportunity for me to catch cars I like. I carry a camera with me at all times. It sits beside me. (in the shotgun seat!) So I am ready to take high-resolution photos. When I am in the middle of a heavy traffic jam, when I make a full stop, I take photos of beautiful cars such as Porsche in blue or tail light from a Mercedes Benz in rain.  



I also take pleasure in taking photos of my car. A small cell tower in the neighborhood is one of my favorite background objects. Especially at this time of year when green leaves get more vibrant, with blue sky, it makes my car even fancier. 


Living a stress-free life may be impossible. But there are ways to cope with stress. In my case, driving is one way, and taking photos to seize the moment is another way. Usually, I use them both when I am under stress. My favorite spot is the Han River park at night. I get to see the beautiful cityscape of Seoul, reflections from the river, people hanging out with friends and family. This gives me perfect photo opportunities. On top of this, I could enjoy watching my car with all the lights illuminated. 


If I spend some time at the Han river until late at night, then it’s now a perfect opportunity to enjoy a fun driving. After 8:30 pm or so, the traffic jam will dissipate. Put on some wild music, then I am ready to fly. Unlike Mercedez, BMW or Mini Cooper makes me feel I am literally driving. When I put the driving mode into the Sports mode, my heart begins to race while I hear roaring engine sound through an open window.  About 40 minutes to an hour, pumping my adrenalin makes me forget about issues or stress I am dealing with. Sometimes, a solution magically appears in my head after this exotic moment. 

Free your spirit with fun driving experience!