How effective is diesel fuel injector cleaner in removing the carbon buildup?

That afternoon, I was walking in the neighborhood to enjoy the afternoon air. From the opposite direction, I saw a large truck carrying heavy material emitting clouds of black smoke. It really bothered me. Not only disturbs the scenery, but black smoke is also very dangerous for our respiratory health.

Black smoke itself is composed of elemental carbon from incomplete combustion of diesel fuel and traces of engine lubricant. Then I got curious how to get rid the black smoke on the vehicle, I type “how to reduce black smoke in my diesel car” on google site.

Most of the blogs recommend to used diesel injector cleaner. It is an additive that claims can clean fuel injector from carbon buildup. As you might know that carbon buildup is the main problem in decreasing our engine performances. Including excessive black smoke production, more fuel consumption, difficult to start, eventually it can reduce our vehicle’s lifetime.


The fuel injector cleaner is added directly to the fuel tank along with refueling. There are diesel and gasoline types. It will mix with the fuel to dissolve the carbon buildup, then burned away during the combustion process. So, there will be no residue left in the fuel lines, injector, or within the engine.

The active ingredients in the fuel injector cleaner are polyisobutylene, polyether amine, and polyisobutylene amine. These three chemicals have a chemical structure like detergents with the purpose to break the carbon bonds in the carbon buildup.

Carbon sludge buildup in the intake manifold

However, the effectiveness of this additive is still doubtful to even its regular users. I am suspicious of its effectiveness, too. Here I explain why the fuel injector cleaner cannot be that easy to clean the carbon buildup.

First, the mixing of injector cleaner and diesel fuel must be well-dispersed. The chemical properties of both liquids that affect the level of dispersed in the fuel tank, we cannot easily change these factors. When the mixing is not evenly distributed, surely it will hinder its efficiency.

Second, I searched about polyether amine (PEA) and some literature says it cannot break the carbon bonds at super-high temperature. It will remain intact at the combustion chamber.

Third, the amount of the injector cleaner will be very small compared to the fuel there. I think it will be difficult to remove the strong carbon buildup with this small amount.

D Clean product

For those of you who’d like to get to know the real deal, Let me introduce you to another very unique liquid cleaner. Its name is D Clean. BA SOLUTIONS started offering this for years and now there are a lot of returning users. There are three things that make D Clean incomparable:

  1. It can clean carbon buildup automatically (just by driving your vehicle)
  2. It can remove existing carbon buildup, also prevent it before formed
  3. The cleaner liquid is immediately sprayed on the carbon sludge place (for example intake manifold) using a special adapter.

Should you be interested with D Clean, please contact