Problems with a dirty intake manifold – Intake manifold clean tips.

I am not a big fan of a fully electric car. First off, I like combustion engine roaring sound. In fact, I like it a lot. It makes me want to hit the road anytime. Secondly, the electric charging system in Korea is not common. Of course, there are a lot of parking lots equipped with at least a few charging stations. But it’s not enough. Most importantly, my apartment doesn’t have any charging station at all.

With this being said, you would be surprised why I take this kind of photo from time to time whenever I encounter them on the road. I must confess, I envy them to some extent only because they don’t have the intake manifold in the car’s engine.

BMW electric car in front of me
BMW electric car in front of me

In my opinion intake manifold is the most important component in the engine. It is essentially an air pathway to the cylinders or combustion chamber. Whether or not you are a mechanic, you would understand the importance of air for burning fuel. If an intake manifold gets dirty, it means the system gets less pure air due to unwanted substances in the airway.

Usually, unwanted substances are carbon sludge buildup. 

Carbon Sludge buildup in the intake manifold
Carbon Sludge buildup in the intake manifold


Symptoms of a dirty (stuffed) intake manifold:

The first symptom is to give off hazard gas by burning carbon sludge in the combustion chamber. Typically, when this happens, DPF kicks in and takes care of it. But when carbon buildup is too much, there is a moment where DPF can’t handle hazard gas anymore, therefore, it ends up with malfunctioning. When DPF doesn’t work, you have to replace it, otherwise, your car will emit dark nasty gas through the exhaust.

The second symptom is to have degraded overall performance such as slow response time, noisy engine sound (especially this can be heard at idle time.), slow start and more. People consider this to be a natural phase of the car’s being old. But it’s not true. 

Intake manifold cleaning method : manual removal
Intake manifold cleaning method: manual removal

Now how to get this problem fixed. What’s the best way to remove carbon sludge buildup in the intake manifold area. The common method is to find an intake manifold cleaning expert. It’s not easy to clean carbon sludge buildup. It’s very sticky. And oftentimes when carbon sludge is burned in the combustion chamber. A small component of leftover carbon got stuck in the fuel injectors, cylinders, pistons and essentially every part of the intake manifold.

So getting it cleaned up takes time through a labor-intensive manual work. A much bigger problem is this happens again from the moment you cleaned it. Will there be an easier way?

D Clean adaptor
D Clean adaptor

Yes, there is. D Clean is an adaptor type product where you can install it in front of an intake manifold. It disposes of cleaning liquid while driving. In other words, drivers don’t have to do anything except replacing cleaning liquid when they replace their engine oil. 

D Clean will give you a peace of mind.
D Clean will give you peace of mind. Clean intake manifold at all times!

D Clean is proven to be very effective. If you drive a diesel engine car, why don’t you give it a try? Your car will last a lot longer than you think.