Radio Signal Jammer: a solution to prevent the terrorist attack

When I opened my social media today, I was reminded of the incident happened last year in my country: Surabaya Bombings. My social media was about my condolences, prayers, and anger in my response to the Surabaya Bombings. It flooded with the hashtag #PrayForSurabaya and #WeAreNotAfraid. Then I found it from Wikipedia that the number of terrorist attacks worldwide has increased in the last decade.

Many victims were harmed due to this terrorist bomb, whether it was the police, soldier, or civilians injured to death. We must be aware of this situation and look for ways of preventing a terrorist attack from happening.

Vehicle type radio jammer system

This terrorist attack is growing in line with technological advances. They find new tactics and weapon. As a new strategy, they use aircraft vehicle (UAVs) to send their bomb while they hide in a certain place. UAVs looks like an interesting technology to the terrorists. It is practical to use. An inexpensive way to attack the target without risking the personnel. Like just happened in August last year, when the drones equipped with explosive is used to assassinate Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. They also used a high-tech bomb called RCIED, radio-controlled improvised explosive device. Where the bomb can be activated remotely from such distance.

A signal from the transmitter (terrorist) can cause the receiver (bomb) to trigger a firing pulse that can operate the switch. A good network is needed to activate the RCIED bomb. But if you can disturb the radio signal, the RCIED work process will be failed. The bomb will not explode, and the drones will stop moving.


It is called by Radio Signal Jammer. A device that can interfere with the communication between transmitter (terrorist) and receiver (bomb and drone). It works by the transmission of the radio signal that disrupts wireless communications by decreasing the signal-to-noise ratio.

There are two types of radio jammer in general: DIY radio jammer and manufactured radio jammer. Rather than use and make DIY radio jammer which clearly impractical and it also illegal, I recommend you use government authorized radio jammer by BA SOLUTIONS, named AEGEIS drone jamming system. It can immobilize drone and prevent bomb activation. BA Solutions company has various type of radio jammer from backpack, gun-like, to vehicle type jammer system.

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