GP underwater bullet has the same lethal power in water and air

A bullet is a deadly innovation. As it is fired from a gun, it can kill humans and do so much damage to buildings and objects.  It is very scary to imagine that bullet can penetrate into our skin, tear our flesh and blood vessels. Not to mention if it can go through the vital parts of the body, it can make the heart stop beating due to severe damage. So, what exactly makes the bullet so deadly?

A momentum. Every moving object has momentum, equals its mass multiplied its velocity. The faster the object moves and the heavier is, the more momentum it has. Even though the bullets are so tiny, with the help of powder propellant inside which can make the energy to bullet travel in high speed. The bullets will have lots of momentum because it goes so fast. This high amount of momentum will transfer to the hit targeted causing huge damage.

GP bullet(by Duretek) armor-piercing tests

With that being said, we can make a conclusion that bullet will have great lethal power if we increase its speed as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, is not that easy. There are many factors affecting bullet speed. The most influencing factor is air resistance (drag). Except in space where there are no particles that hinder it, bullets would always go at the same speed.

While in water conditions, we need a specially designed bullet to overcome the water resistance affecting bullet speed. It is usually called an underwater bullet or supercavitating bullet due to its supercavitation effects. Unlike regular bullets, an underwater bullet can maintain its speed despite water particles hinder its movements.


Underwater bullets are used by navy soldiers in an underwater firefight (water-to-water) or shooting into the water from the helicopter (air-to-water), or from the submarine in hidden position shoot enemy onboard (water-to-air).

The traditional underwater bullet is very suitable for use in water-to-water conditions because its design is created only for water conditions. When used outside the water, the traditional underwater bullet has much vibration so its speed and accuracy will be greatly reduced. What happens when do bullets move slowly? Yes, the bullets no longer have lethal power.


Unlike the traditional underwater bullet, GP bullet from Duretek has a design in such a way to overcome this problem. Duretek has spent years developing GP bullet that will work best in both water and air conditions. Because it is designed with high-density material in the front and low-density material in the rear, it will reduce the aerodynamic drag and air resistance. It makes GP bullet will travel more with high speed and more penetration power. Also, air guiding grooves significantly reduce vortex formed in the tail, so it makes better stability when flying resulting in more destructive power (more than 30% up than traditional underwater bullet). With a lethal ability higher than average, making the GP bullet can act as an armor-piercing bullet.

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