Diesel carbon clean = performance tuning

A friend of mine enjoys camping. He bought a big SUV years ago. Then he modified rear end seats more like one person’s bedroom. Wherever he drives, he has a place to sleep. What a wonderful idea! Occasionally he invites a few friends to come along with him. Then he needed to tow a spacious camping trailer to accommodate all. With this setup, it’s been more than 5 years, he enjoyed camping pretty much every weekend.

Then he complained that the problem started. The first symptom is black smoke from the exhaust, then the second symptom is low performance. He told me he was able to tow a large trailer without any trouble but recently he needed to push accelerator very hard. Not to mention, when he did he saw black smoke from the rear end of the car.


I advised him to get an intake manifold cleaning service. Evidently, my friend was not aware of the carbon sludge buildup and its symptoms, so he assumed the car’s life expectancy is just 5 years or so if he used it for towing a large trailer. 

Surely after he got the intake manifold carbon sludge cleaned up, his car became as good as new. My friend got very surprised. I might have saved him a lot of money. If I didn’t advise him a diesel carbon cleaning service, he was about to sell his car and buy a new one. 


Performance tuning?

Some people take great pleasure in upgrading a car’s performance. There are multiple ways to do this but the key part involved with the car’s performance is air intake. Air has a big influence on the car’s overall performance. 

But unfortunately, people spend more on suspension or increasing the engine’s horsepower by engine tuning. 

Let’s make an example. If you need to use more power, possibly need to run fast to catch a train or something. Provided that if you can’t breathe well due to a stuffed nose, can you make the best performance? This analogy is the same for the car. Just like if you breathe in more, you could run faster, if your car can have more intake air, it can perform better.

In this sense, the best performance tuning is “diesel carbon clean”. If your car has carbon sludge buildup in the intake manifold, your car can’t simply breathe well. 


Getting an intake manifold cleaning service as frequent as possible? Unfortunately, this isn’t easy. Since it takes a lot of time to clean it, it’s not easy. Luckily there is an alternative way. Maybe there is a better and easier way. D Clean is an adaptor right in front of the intake manifold, it dispenses cleaning liquid whenever it is required.  In other words, with D Clean, you can keep your car as good as new all the time. 

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