Anti-drone technology for public safety purposes

Currently, the threat of drones has become the center of attention all around the world. The cheap prices of drones make many people own the drone, but they do not understand the rules for flying it. Some people fly their drones near an airport or helicopter pad without knowing that it could endanger an airplane or helicopter particularly when it landing and taking off. Drones are supposed to help everyday human work, but they are often misused by the terrorist. They put the bombs inside drones then flew towards the target, especially in the middle east countries. When their lives are haunted by drone strikes: children are afraid to go to school, adults are afraid to attend weddings, funerals, business meetings or anything that involves gathering. Public safety there is threatened by drone presence.

     <BA SOLUTION’s drone jammer on national TV News Channel>

Therefore, many countries are developing anti-drone technology to overcome this threat. Including South Korea, as reported by Cha Jung In reporter in the following news video. An anti-drone technology was developed at Silla University, Busan. They develop 5G drone detection system (in collaboration with SK Telecom) to detect the presence of drones entering our territory. An alarm will sound indicating the presence of illegal drones detected, then drone detection system will identify and tracks the illegal drone. Afterwards, the military unit deployed to immobilize the illegal drone using Jamming Gun tools.


Jamming gun is used to disrupt the frequency between the drone and its pilot. This jamming gun is very practical to use because it can be carried by hand and is sufficiently directed to the drone with a large range (500 m). Professor Hwang Myung Hwang as the Professor in Public Safety Policy Graduate School at Silla University also hoped this anti-drone technology can be applied in public places such as baseball stadiums, beaches, and nuclear power plant nationwide.

Even a small drone can do so much.

Gun jamming is a pretty good solution to encounter drone threat, but we must think of the worst possibility. When the drone returns to its original place or damaged because it falling to the ground. Therefore, BA Solutions company (the company that launched the Jamming Gun) offers another form of anti-drone technology: the drone catcher drone. As the name implies, a drone catches another drone by throwing a net. Unlike the most drone catcher drones on the market, drone catcher by BA Solutions is integrating with jamming systems. First, it will jam the illegal drone to make them stop moving then shooting with a net in high precision. It is much easier to catches a non-moving drone rather than a moving one. Also with the help of the net, the possibility of drone damaged due to falling to the ground is very avoidable. If you are interested with our drone catcher drone, please visit our website