The importance of having a carbon clean engine and the methods for cleaning it

Keeping the car clean is the best way to improve car performance. Not only for the outside appearance, but the engine inside is important to be cleaned. Most car owners are not aware of a dirty engine called carbon sludge that can bring many bad effects.

Carbon sludge itself is a buildup of impurities like oil vapor and fuel residue. If it is not treated properly, it can give permanent damage to the engine. Both diesel engine and gasoline engine can be at risk of carbon sludge buildup.

Carbon Sludge – Dark waste

It can be accumulated in many parts of engine including the intake manifold, EGR valves, DPF, turbocharger, etc. When one part of the engine is full of carbon sludge, it cannot work as it should be. For example, an intake manifold has a function to distribute a homogeneous mixture of air and fuel to the combustion chamber. The presence of carbon sludge can block the travel process to the combustion chamber. It can create a lot of disadvantages:

  • Poor acceleration power
  • More fuel consumption
  • Increase in exhaust pollutant emission
  • Damage engine parts

When the engine is clean from carbon sludge, the car power will be improved, decrease fuel consumption, fewer vibration, more environmentally friendly, and the overall performance is enhanced.


There are many ways to clean the engine from carbon sludge, let me summarize several methods for carbon cleaning off of the engine:

  1. Manual disassembling

The most traditional way to do carbon cleaning engine is dismantled all parts and then clean them manually. But this method certainly requires a lot of energy and time. The time needed can be for hours just to dismantle the engine part. I highly did not recommend this method.

  1. HHO Carbon cleaner machine

This method cleans carbon with the help of a machine to create hydrogen-oxygen gas as a cleaning agent. They use electrolysis principles to split water (H2O) into its base molecules: 2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen molecules. The hydrogen gas itself is a flammable gas, its higher burn temperature and its explosive force that cleans carbon sludge from the engine. However, in my perspective, too powerful engine carbon cleaning can do some damage to the engine parts and engine.

  1. Engine carbon clean systems

It is a similar method with the HHO carbon cleaner machine, to create hydrogen and oxygen from water to pass through the air intake of an engine and out through the exhaust systems as a gas. In this case, the hydrogen molecules react with carbon to slowly break it down with additional internal protection layer to protect the engine. I think this method is more of a preventative maintenance routine rather than to clean all the carbon.

D Clean components
  1. D Clean

The last method to clean the carbon sludge is to use D Clean package. It has 3 components: cleaning liquid, adapter, and control system. By simply installing this, D Clean can clean the engine parts automatically whenever the car is running. The control system can discharge the cleaning liquid whenever it is required. It can prevent carbon sludge in the first place also it can clean the existing carbon as well.

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