Supercavitating ammunition air to water tests 

Duretek has come a long way. And finally, we believe we made it happen. If you’ve followed us or happened to read past articles, the GP bullet is both underwater and armor-piercing bullet. And we’ve tried to test various situations to verify the ammunition works as advertised. Now with the help of testing facilities in Korea, we’ve seen it happen over and over again enough to say that the test data is trustworthy.

First off, please check out below video clip from one of our testings. As you can see, the first test setup is with one water tank(with the transparent glass) and the second test setup is with two water tanks.

The first one proves that the supercavitating bullet can fly straight into the air (as opposed to wobbling like other underwater bullets) and keep going straight into the water.

The second test proves that the supercavitating bullet can not only fly straight into the air but also it could keep flying straight after it went through the water by penetrating two water tanks.

Can supercavitating bullets fly straight in the air?

To show that GP bullet has high precision, we’ve made a tiny bullet entry point for each water tank. If the bullet wobbles at any point, it will damage the tank extensively. But after numerous tests, it showed the same results repeatedly.


This means a lot in many ways because traditionally an underwater bullet can’t go straight in the air. But GP bullet can fly straight in the air. Typically underwater bullets are used for operations like a soldier needs to shoot from a helicopter into the water. In order to neutralize naval mines, the bullet needs to be precious. However, the traditional water bullet couldn’t hit naval mines with one shot. Maybe multiple shots might increase a chance to hit the target but even multiple shots didn’t ensure hitting the target.

Now with Duretek’s GP bullet, the navy can use an underwater bullet like a sniper bullet. Just like the video clip in the above, a soldier can hit the target with one bullet if he wanted.


We’ve had several meetings with U.S. military officials and surely we’ve got their attention. Now we’re in the process of FCT(Foreign Comparative Testing) 

Should you be interested in our supercativating bullets, please check out the below video for the detailed introduction. 

Contact person: Sungjin, Kim